Fun-Sized Savior

She has a pretty boring and straight-forward life. But that all changes when she goes out of her way to save a stranger.

“Watch out!”

Katie watched in horror as the car sped closer to the dark figure standing in the street. Her body moved without her thinking, and she dropped her groceries as she ran to push him out of the way.

Time seemed to slow as both the car and Katie got closer to the figure.

Katie’s heart sunk as she kept running. “I won’t make it,” she thought in despair, yet called on all the adrenaline she had in her body.

With all the strength she had in her tiny body, she tackled the figure, pushing him into the opposite sidewalk, falling on top of them. The speeding car sped past, its tires only inches from her feet.

“Wow, that was amazing!” She heard someone say, but paid no mind to them.

“Hey,” she called out urgently as she lifted her torso off the figure’s body, “are you alright? You just stood there…”

The eyes of the almost-victim – now identified as a male – fluttered open, and hazel irises stared up at Katie.

“I thought I was going to die,” he whispered, his voice rough and raspy.

She snorted and rose to her feet, her heart finally slowing its frantic pace. “Not with your local superhero around to save your life, apparently,” she replied, distractedly looking around.

“Yeah, thanks for that,” he said, slowly rising to his feet as well.

Katie bit back a groan as she realized that people were starting to gather around them. She hated crowds and attention. Turning to the person she had saved, she smiled apologetically and said, “I have to go. I’m sure someone here can get you to a hospital if you need to get looked at.”

With that, the short heroine walked away, grabbing her grocery bags and walking down the street, leaving him staring after her in surprise.

The End

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