True story

I have to tell this story.. Once upon a time, A long time ago, a little orangish/yellow kitten came into our yard.  Now we already had three dogs, pigs, goats, a couple of calfs, two turkeys, two geese, mallards, pekings, silky chickens, a rabbit named Thumper.. oh and a partridge in a pear tree.. You get the idea.

I said no, we couldn't keep it, John on the other hand said yes we could and politely announced to me, "that's my cat, take care of him.."  Well, we named the cat mew mew.

Mew mew grew to be a rather large Tom Cat, his head was as big as a nice small Pitbull, his paws were huge with luxurious nails,   When mew mew meowed, he was just short a decibel of a wild cat.

Even though we bought this cat food, he went out and killed birds.  I remember once, he came into the house and wouldn't go back outside. I went to the door and looked out, I swear, it looked like the whole bird population of Fontana was in my tree.  These little chi chi birds sat there for two days, for two days, mew mew wouldn't go outside.  We found out, he was going up into the tree and stealing the eggs or the little baby birds.  I told John.. he said "He's a cat, that's what cats do."

The next thing that happened, mew mew went next door to our neighbors house.  Apparently he had a fascination for riding on my neighbors' animals, he would jump on the backs of the hogs, dig his long luxurious nails in and the animals would squeel.. running and jumping, trying to get this cat off.
He then found his way into the neighbors bird house and killed his pet birds.  I presented the bill to John, a cool $300.

I think John had got his fill of mew mew one day, when he went outside to do some work in the yard.  We had a big tree in the middle of the yard that spread out like an umbrella, he had to walk under this tree to get to some leaves and rake them up.  As John was walking under the tree, mew mew, reached down with long luxurious nails and knocked Johns hat off his head. 

He had a nice scratch across his forehead, he came in bleeding and fussing.. he was telling me what the cat had done.. I just laughed, I told him, "He's a cat, that's what cats do!"

Mew mew  is long gone now, but he was something, these are just a few stories...

The End

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