Another Funny Story

I had reached my pinnacle of intelligence; I was 17, had an old, 1942 Plymouth car, and a girl friend. One hot summer night my girlfriend, and I, and another couple went on a date to the movies. My girl friend, Gale, was suppose to be home by midnight, and it was after eleven when we left the theater. My buddy's girlfriend lived closer, so we dropped her off first. However, him and her spent so much time kissing goodnight on her porch, we were running late. Finally, Richard returned to the car and off we went.

Because of the lateness of the hour I began taking shortcuts. One of the shortcuts was a dirt road around Frenchy's Lake. Sometime before we arrived at the lake, a grader had leveled the service road by-passing the lake area, leaving a foot high berm of dirt at the entrance to the road I was heading for. I my rush, I hit this berm at about 30 miles and hour, we all hit our heads on the ceiling, but worst of all the headlights went out. This didn't cause any immediate alarm, because the lights on this old car went off and on quite often. What did cause panic however, was the whoosh of water as I drove into the lake.

Frenchy's was a shallow lake. When I got stopped the water was just up past the bottom of the door. I paniced, and threw the car into reverse, and it died. There we sat, twenty feet out in the water. Richard and I were both in suits, and Gale was in a very nice dress, with high heels and nylons. Richard doffed his shoes, and rolled up his pants and climbed out of the car. With his shoes in his hands he sloshed to dry land.

I removed my shoes, and rolled up my pants. Gale, just sat in the front seat, her legs curled beneath her and calmly told me I was going to  have to carry her. As God is my witness, I tried. She took off her shoes, and I wrangled myself into position and lifted her out of the car. I was no more than a step away from the car when she dropped one of her shoes. She squealed that she had to have that shoe. I squatted down, with her in my arms, her arms around my neck, and groped in the water for her shoe. Suddenly her butt hit the water and she yelped and jerked, and down we went. We were both sitting in the lake laughing like fools. Richard waded back to in to help us; when he offered a hand to Gale she pulled him into the water. There we sat, the three of us, all dressed up and sitting in mud.

That very well may have been my last date with Gale.

The End

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