Another funny story

I just read Wyatts story which put me in mind of a temporary job I had once.  I know that people have many things that go on in their lives, some are just so lucky, they can walk down the street and find a million dollars, others suffer tragedy after tragedy. 

My life has been a comedy of errors.  My son always tells me "Mom you have to be positive!"  I always assure him, I am positive, positive things are going to go awry.. I tend to be a realist although, I do have my beliefs in the supernatural.

A long time ago.. a very long time ago, I lived with a cousin I'd grown up with, she worked at a funeral home.  She said she loved her job, but sometimes, it was a little creepy since she worked the graveyard shift (no pun intended).   One particular night she couldn't make it to work on time, she asked if I would just go in and sit until she arrived.  I didn't mind I asked her what should I do?   She explained when I arrived, the first thing to do was check the cold rooms.  I won't even go into it, just use your imagination.

When I arrived there, I saw one other car, it was a man my cousin worked with.  I parked. 

Once inside I wanted to check the cold rooms first, then I would go and find Sam, which was her co-workers name.

I went to the first room, now, the way it was set up, you had to walk a few steps before you could turn on the switch.  There were tables lined up next to each other.  When you walked into the room, you'de walk past two tables and reach over, there was the light switch.

I went into the room, it was dark, I left the door to the hallway open a crack, which afforded a little light, at least enough to keep me from tripping and falling.  I walked past the first table, made it to the second table, reached over, and someone grabbed my ankle.

I died three hundred deaths right there, I also found Sam who yelped as urine ran over his hand....

The End

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