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Now I had to add this as my tribute to my ex-husband and two of my sons.  I heard a comedien say once,  men mess stuff up on purpose, because they know we won't ask them to do it again...  I am a firm believer of this..  In-fact, I have witnessed this in action.

My ex-husband was good for this and I found out as the boys got older it's part of a syndrome M.S.S. ,,

John went to his favorite place one day cause he needed a spark plug wire for my buick.  His favorite place was {Manny, Moe, & Jack} Pep Boys.  I gave this man a fifty dollar bill.  Now remember what he was supposed to go and purchase, oh yes and this was about twenty plus years ago.. He returned with ONE DOLLAR and TWENTYFIVE CENTS!

Oh yes, I had a case of Quaker State oil, I had oil filter, I had spark plugs, fresh scent, engine additives, a couple of tools, tranny fluid, carb cleaner, rotor and, a distributer cap... But guess what, Not one spark plug wire, I won't even tell you about that argument.

Now, I have three boys, the oldest is 36 now, the youngest is 26.. John asked the oldest boy to bring him more cornbread, some water and a napkin.. We had eaten in the room that night and the oldest boy was going to the kitchen so, he figured why not???  Now the way John said it was like this..."Boy bring me some water with a napkin and some bread." (which is what he called cornbread)  When the child entered the room, I just put my hands over my mouth..  He had brought a slice of wheat bread, a glass of water, with a napkin stuffed inside.. I don't know why.. neither of us asked we just dismissed him.. Funny thing, he never had to ride the Little Bus hmmm?

Now we get to the youngest boy, he is 26 now, right now, at this moment.. He went to get soup, since he and I had been sick.  When he came in he tells me, "Mom, I got me two big cans of soup, that's all I need and I got you some of the little cans you like, chicken noodle, chicken and rice, oh yes and I got your coffee, your cheetos and some other stuff.."  I said ok and went into the kitchen to put the items away..  Now, in defence of my sons, I swear they are smart but, I think they have evil twins.. cause, the childs evil twin brought home, one can of homestyle chicken and noodle, and four cans of TOMATO soup..

M.S.S.  Inherited...

The End

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