What Happened to You?

Years ago I wanted to have an engine souped up. I couldn't afford to take money from my regular job to do it, so I got a part time job as a security guard.

I went to work for Burn's Detective Agency. They assigned me to a variety of sites, including, museums, airport, and an art gallery. Then one night they sent me to the old Denver General Hospital. [It's no longer there.] This was a very crowded old hospital, in a poor part of town. Because of lack of space they had brought in some Quonset type building to use as offices, and laboratories.

My shift  was 10:00PM until 6:00AM. It consisted of my making rounds every hour outside the hospital proper. I checked gates, windows, entrances and exits, and lastly I was to go through these Quonset buildings. Around my forth tour I entered one end of a Quonset and worked may way through it. All was secure. I entered the second building and was walking through it, when suddenly a toilet flushed. These buildings were suppose to be empty. I tiptoed up the the restroom door. I stood listening for a couple of minutes, with my pistol in hand. Then I did my best Dirty Harry imitation. I rolled through the door with my pistol waving around the room, and yelling "Freeze!"  No one was there. Then, suddenly another urinal  flushed. It was then i realized that the urinals flushed automaticly. There was one present to see my bravery under stressful conditions---- for which I'm thankful.

The End

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