Respect Your Elders... Seriously.

I heard this story from my dad a couple of days ago and thought it might fit in here... sent me reeling at any rate!

A friend of my dad's, who's also in the army, was out doing some military excercises with some of the recruits. That particular day, they were mountain trekking in the lower part of the Alps. Each man had to navigate his way to a certain point. How they got there was up to them.

So, off went Major Murray (the friend I'm talking about) on his trek. Not wanting to get shown-up by his younger comrades, he decided to go over on of the mountains, not around it like many of the others had done. It was a steep climb, and as he reached the top he felt rather accomplished. While up there, he noticed the weather was beginning to close in. He ignored it and continued on his way.

However, on a ridge on the other side of the mountain, he came across and older man coming up the mountain. The man saw him and called up:

"Hey! You might want to find some shelter, the weather's going to close in soon. I think there may be a storm coming. There's a small hut further down for climbers, why don't you stop there until the weather passes over?"

Major Murray replied truckulantly, "Nah, don't worry mate, I'm in the army! I can handle a little storm."

And with that he went on, chuckling at the thought of chickening out of a little storm. Thankfully he got to the end point just before the weather reached it's worst. The man had been right, a storm had been coming.

Later that day, Murray told his friend about the man he'd met on the mountain. His friend started laughing! When Murray asked why, his friend replied simply:

"You just disregarded the advice of Sir Edmund Hilary mate!"

The End

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