Miss Martha Mary Dingleberry

Miss Martha Mary Dingleberry
Had a very colourful coat.
It was emerald and cranberry
And she placed it on her goat.

The goat was less than pleased,
So he tried to eat the silly thing.
He took two bites, and  sneezed,
Then he backed into the swing.

The seat  got under his middle,
 the goat swung back and forth.
The ropes were old and brittle
They broke, and he headed North.

He flew into the nearest tree,
Kicking madly the whole way.
He was indeed a sight to see.
As he bleated in dismay.

The fire brigade came from town
To put up a ladder and get him free
It took several hours to get him down.
It was hard to get a goat from a tree!

The End

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