The Hound of Hell... sort of.

Okay, before I tell this story I need to explain something. My dreams hold the record for being the craziest on the planet... many of them include really wierd instances that would probably involveme being referred to a physchiatrist if anyone knew, so I'll tell you one of the tamer ones that always sets off gallonfulls of laughter among my friends, the tale of the Hound Of Hell... sort of...

I was having a nightmare about being in hell. I saw lots of fire and horrible things dancing around, all screaming and cackling and poking me with sharp things and just making me scared in general. Then I remember seeing a big black dog emerging from a deep black pit right in front of me. If anyone's ever read the Hairy Macleary books, then they'll know what I'm talking about. Others would reffer to it as a small, wire-haired terrier with black fur and a tiny little body. Only this time, Hairy Macleary was huge. I remember screaming in my dream and running away, but not getting anywhere and the dog advancing on me.

Then, my dad tried to shake me awake.

I shot up out of bed and screamed "HAIRY MACLEARY!"

My dad presently keeled over and almost died laughing...

Oh the shame.

The End

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