Sibling Rivalry

This is not a true story, it's just an example of the many evil ways that siblings can find to torment each other.

Nine year old Simon filled his sister's backpack full of video games, DVDs, Cd's, and a jumbo jar of peanut butter. He zipped the top and dragged it down the stairs behind him. His twelve year old sister Ellen caught him just as he dragged it across the yard to the pup tent that he had set up in the back yard.

"What are you doing with my back pack you little weasel?"

Ellen yelled as she ran toward him. Simon turned and faced her with a sarcastic smirk on his face.

"I'm milking a goat, what does it look like I'm doing pig face?"

He turned around and began to drag the back pack toward the tent. Ellen ran forward and grabbed the pack by the strap and pulled. The zipper opened and spilled Cd's and DVDs everywhere.

When Ellen knelt to pick them up she discovered that they were her Cd's and DVDs!

"These are mine you sneaky little bandit! "

She stuffed the contraband back into the pack, but she stopped cold when she realized something.

"There's no electricity in the tent, what were you going to play these on?"

She got no answer because Simon had already gone into his tent and zipped up the front flap. He pinned the zipper closed on the inside so that Ellen couldn't unzip it.

When she discovered that she couldn't gain entry the usual way, she decided she would try something else, or least threaten to do something else.

"You've got my laptop in there don't you? That was in my room. You're not allowed in my room you sneak! Wait till I tell mom and dad. You're going to be in big trouble."

 The only sound from the tent was loud exaggerated evil laughter.

"This is not funny. If you don't come out with my laptop right now, I'm going to go get the electric hedge shears and cut this tent in half, and you right along with it!"

Ellen was screaming with anger and frustration at that point.

"You wouldn't dare. This tent cost dad over two hundred bucks. If you cut it, you'll be the one in big trouble!"

Realizing that the little creep had a point, she had to think up a way to get her laptop. After a little thought, she ran back to the house and up to her room. She checked the top drawer of her computer desk just to make sure she wasn't falsely accusing Simon.

Sure enough, it wasn't there. She went to the dresser and got the quart sized bottle of cologne that Simon had gotten her for her last birthday. He had bought it at a joke shop, and it smelled like rotten meat.

She went back outside, and silently moved around to the back of the tent. She lifted the flap that covered the little mesh window that provided ventilation. She sprayed the cologne into the tent until Simon started to cough and gag on the noxious fumes. She ran toward the front and hid on the side of the tent until Simon came running out. His eyes were streaming, and his nose was running from the evil smell now inside his tent.

As soon As Simon came out, Ellen ran in with a hand towel over her mouth and nose. She saw the lap top immediately, It was sitting on top of Simon's sleeping bag. She grabbed it and ran back outside before her eyes were affected.

By the time she got back to the house, Simon was already scrubbing the residual mist out of his eyes with a wet washcloth.

"I'm going to tell mom on you!" Simon wailed from under the washcloth.

"I hope you do. If you don't I will.  I'm sure she'll be really impressed that you have resorted to petty larceny."

Simon stopped rubbing his face and stared at his sister for a moment, clearly puzzled.

"I don't know what that means." He admitted begrudgingly.

" Of course you don't. that's because you're a brain dead Neanderthal."

He didn't know what that meant either, but he was pretty sure it wasn't good. Besides, he didn't want to leave himself open to any more insults, even if he didn't understand them.

Ellen went back up to her room and locked the door. She pulled her cell phone out of the top drawer of her bedside table and called her best friend. She couldn't wait to tell Lacey all about her sweet revenge.

The End

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