Marshmallow Queen

      It was a hot summer day, and I was at one of my friend's house where she has a rather large slip-n-slide set up on her front lawn where most kids stared at with jealously running into their eyes. She had invited a couple of neighborhood kids she knew from our school that day to join and they eagerly accepted. I was only five or six years old that time and she was ten, far older than me.

      "Stacy?" I asked her with a hint of reluctance and standing there with my bathsuit on, a thick towel wrapped around myself and my hair soaking wet. "D-Do I have to go again? I think I got too much water in my ears."

      Stacy looked at me with an odd face, "You got too much water in your brain that's what you mean cause who wouldn't want to go again?" the other kids around her agreed by bobbing their heads. "My mommy has to put it away anyways." she pointed out as her mother started to turn off the hose. "Who wants to play Dare or Dare?" she shouted with enthusiasm.

      That's right, you heard her. She said Dare or Dare. You see, Stacy was the kind of girl that likes to have her own way and no one can stop her. She gets what she wants, and if she doesn't get it, then she screeches like a banshee. "Dare." I answered since I had no other option.

      Almost immediately, she handed me seven pillows which I duct-taped to myself everywhere; on my head, stomach, back, legs and arms. I let out a sigh, not believing I was actually going to do this. I took a deep breath and let the sun screen on my skin get sticky. I opened my black eyes with a fiery determination and ran, mostly waddling like a penguin due to the thick white pillows on my legs. "I'M THE MARSHMALLOW QUEEN!!! BOW DOWN TO ME!!!" I was forced to run around the entire neighborhood and back three times, but I did an extra two since I was having a good time. A small Jack Russel Terrier was barking happily while chasing me. "G-Get away stupid dog! I-I'm only kidding!" It caught up to me since the weight of the cushiony pillows held me back. It jumped on me and started licking my face.

The End

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