Long Eared Galoot

I have been accused of being silly.. yes you heard me.  Jinn is silly, ok I admit it I am and nothing makes me sillier than cartoons.  Oh not the new fangled, Poke`mon or, Avatar.  I'm talking about the good old Merrie Melodies, case in point:

One Bugs Bunny..  The Unmentionables: He (Bugs Bunny) went out to catch Bugsey and Mugsey, he had on his trench coat, had his toothpick between his teeh and was aptly called ELEGANT MESS..

In Knighty Knight Bugs Yosemite Sam was Knighted.. Sir Osis of Liver, Sir Loin of Beef..

Need I go any farther.. I can't tell you all the laughs I have had..  Next time you get a chance, take a look at Sam in his little black boots..or, listen when he calls Bugs {A long eared galoot}  Of course The Dandelions think Nana a little strange.  Wait till I tell them about Yogi bear.. lol

The End

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