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Some title-less stuff

Life sucks, get over it.

This is what I say, and I'm not a pessimist, (or as I prefer to say; "pestimist") but it's 'cause I'm not, I got over the fact that life sucks a long time ago (last Thursday.)
Wait a second did I just say I got over the fact that life sucks so I should get over the fact that life sucks? Ha! No smart arsed reviewer will triumph until the next thing I write.
Now I have done one over on those smart arsed reviewers, let's get back to the story, where was I?
Ah... yes, life sucks. And I got over it, you should too, but I'm not making your decisions for you, no but all I'm saying is I recommend that you accept that fact.
Now in that last lousy paragraph, that by time I edit this this sentence may be part of that paragraph, so that this sentence may not make any sense at all, may of come across as paranoid but I'm not.
Anyway,all in all so far we've covered:
a. Life sucks, and you should get over it.
b. I'm not paranoid.

This is going to be a happy bunny story, can't you tell?

Anyhow, the reason I'm saying this is that is that this story is about, how I came to accept the fact that life sucks, and the UNIVERSE IS OUT TO GET YOU!
Take last week, (Wednesday to be exact) you weren't there so don't judge me:

The rain pounded on the heavy metal glass [What? heavy metal glass that is not right] as Mr Dragon, who by the way is wonderfully handsome, ran through the door of the castle. [That sentence is a load of rubbish first of all why the hell are you writing in third person? Second of all, you have a broken leg! So I doubt last Wednesday, you would have been wandering through a certain castle, that I have been meaning to talk to you about the existence of, and don't even get me started about your "good looks"...] Please ignore my idiotic inner conciseness/ imaginary friend how has became quite irritable, and for future reference his name is Bob.
Okay where was I?
[Do you have a short term memory, or something?] Ah yes, the castle. It was dark and dreary and dark, dark and dreary... [You have no skill as a writer, first of all you said the castle was dark and dreary, that's okay, but then you said it was dark, dark and dreary after that. Give up writing and become a dustman.]

Okay I am going to stop myself there and go out of the italics, so basically I don't get sabotaged [Ha-ha, ha, not so fasst!] by the idiot of the imaginary friend that is harvesting itself in my mind.

Basically I have just failed to tell a story because of that Idiot in my mind.

Wait a minute, that Idiot is me, yes?

Anyway I will not let this be another story wasted away, because of him.


Its too late.

Anyway, this is becoming kinda strange, and I don't want people to think I'm weird.

Even if I am.

Fair enough, I DO hear voices. yes and as I've mentioned I DO have an imaginary friend, but don't you?


I sad enough from you.........................................................................................................................................................................

I'm sorry but I've just had to have an argument with the narrator, because he "refuses to narrate a story of utter rubbishness"

Well I'll just narrate this by myself.

Okay this is getting awkward.

Maybe I'll just end this.

{Not to self... I mean Note to self, damn... I've just ruined it can I do that again.}

From the top.

Life Sucks get over it.

Not that far.

Oh, okay.

Okay...this is getting awkward.

Maybe I'll Just end this.

{Note to self; this must never reach the light of day, If it does I'll knife you. Wait I'm having a conversation with myself again... oh well. The reason this must never reach the light of day is that it is so rubbish that the narrator walked out on it, and that is bad, as he is normally extremely tolerant.}


The End

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