My little brother

I sip on a warm cup of mango popcorn milk shake as I read an MSN article on the internet - Celebrity couples we didn't want to see split up.

"The two Taylors were very tight-lipped about their relationship, which apparently started last year after they met on the set of the movie "Valentine's Day." However, as adorable as they looked together, they allegedly split at the start of this year. We want them back together so they can one day get married, just for the thrill of calling them both Taylor Lautner."

Agreed. Very much agreed.

"Stewpid! Stewpidddd!" My little brother tugs at my sleeves. Usually, I'd have dumped him into a bath of cold water if he calls me stupid. But because I was blamed for being in the car when we got a parking ticket, she allowed my little brother to call me stupid. I told her that it wasn't my fault the Transport Service was attracted to me. She told my brother he could call me idiot as well.

"What?" I groan, the three year old midget was holding a piece of paper and five chewed up colour crayons. His t-shirt is multi-coloured. I must admit, he is quite a genius at fabric art. But then, so are most toddlers.

"Doowar! Doowor now!" He scratches his sharp fingernails down my leg.

"Ow! Stop it!" I take his green/red/blue/yellow/black crayon covered hand off my leg. Immediately, he falls silent. And I know what will happen next.... the silence before a bomb goes off.

"Mummmmmmmmmmmmm!!!!!" He starts wailing. It's amazing how he can wail without any tears. The loudness is terrifying. Ouch, I think my brain just got blasted into a billion pieces.

"All right! Shut up!" I stick his palm on my knee and he kicks me. Sighing, I put his hand into the exact position before I took it off. He chuckles then takes it away completely. What exactly was the point?

"Doowar!! Doowor!" I take his paper and catches the black crayon he chucks at me before it ends up in my nose.

"Thanks sweety." Scribbling a stickman, I hand it back to him and sigh in relief as he cartwheels away.

A few days later, I am told I need to go to a very important event. Yes! Time to wear that lovely dress I bought a few weeks ago. I spend a couple of hours on the makeup and hair.

"Wow darling, you're looking fab!" My mum says as I get into the car.

"What is this special event?" She never actually told me.

"Oh darling, it's just great! Lots of people will be there!" Okay.

We arrive at the event, it's the hall of my little brother's school. Worse, I seem to be the only one wearing a dress and makeup. The  banner on the wall reads "Last one gets a toilet plunger!"A person on the stage starts to talk and everyone sits down on plastic chairs.

"Welcome everyone! I hope you've all been looking forward to this day! I will hold up the artworks from last place to first. Please come up to the stage to recieve your prize!"

 She holds up a piece of paper. No. The piece of paper. That piece of paper that I drew a stickman on. My mum and my little brother jump onto the stage. How did they get there so fast? It was almost as if they knew it was last place.

My mum shouts across the hall, staring me right in the eyes. "Thank you darling! We knew you could get us a new toilet plunger!"

The End

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