The Joker

I know this kid named Alex, I swear he's the weirdest kid to ever walk the face of the earth. I don't say this without reason, though. After school, he stays behind every day to actually talk to his teachers (like, without being told to.... There is something deeply disturbing about it), and he spends all of free period creating posters. This in itself is not particularly weird, except that he creates the posters to advocate figments of his imagination: "Kill Bob Mcenzie for the 3104 senatorial slaughter!" and "Fly suicide airlines- let the last 20  seconds of your life be with us!". He hands out a different color flyer every week to people adverstising "Killy-Os, now with 20% more rat poison", or something like that. Every day we come in and there is some new ad campaign for his twisted little ideas. he speaks a dialect comprised of some major elements of French, Mandarin chinese, and British, but it is in pig latin and encoded in a letter down method (as in, a=b and b=c and z=a). That's all acording to the resident nerds of Glasgou, though. According to them, he also has terrible grammar, not that anyone would know. There are constant school wide practical jokes with his name written all over them (in some cases I can remember, literally), too. At this point, it is a habit for every single student and/or teacher here to check for ceram-wrap over the toilet before we go. He pretends that he's retarded, so that the teachers never send him to the office, but he's really quite a genious. Once, I decided to look up his name on Google, and the first hit was his account description from a debate site for adults- he had 1593 wins and 1 tie according to the votes placed by other members. When I looked at the sign- up page, I saw that it asked for driver's license information to validate age!

Anyway, things only got stranger when I walked into my 7th period Spanish class. There he was, except this time he actually spoke in normal English when he saw me. He said "Hi, Billy!", and I said "Sorry, but my name's not Billy, it's-" "-I can tell that this is the start of an amazing friendship, Tom!" " I'm not Tom,-" I was cut off again, this time because

He exploded.

And I was blamed.

I sat in prison,

and grew fully deranged.

When I got out,

I had a difference quite queer :

I speak only in poems,

(which created my career).

I am a poet

that shoots lots of deer.

The End

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