The Small HouseMature

Becky's shuddering sobs filled the stuffy air of her room as tears streamed down her face. Maybe she was insane, maybe everyone was right, maybe she was possessed or something. This just wasn't normal. I mean, sure Becky had had weird dreams before...ctaching two guys she knew having sex, that sort of freaky stuff, yeah, but never this bad. Becky wiped the tears from her grimy face and ran her fingers through her thick brown hair, as she always did when she was upset, or agitated. It just seemed to calm her down, and wasn't giving up today. Becky sat up against her headboard, and got out her sketchpad. She was quite the avid artist, when she wasn't wandering around the town alone, or dreaming about horrific deaths. Becky took out her favourite sketching pencil (6B for the win!) and closed her eyes, letting her mind skettch whatever it wanted to while Becky calmed herself down. The scitch-scratch of the pencil on the paper was a lovely sound, especially after all the stress in her life right now. What was she thinking, that she could magically kill people without knowing it? Or dream about other people killing each other? No of course not. Becky was just being a silly girl.

As the time went by, and the pencil kept on scritch-scratching its way across the page, Becky let her mind wander back to a time when she was on holiday in America. She was in Salem, the fabled town of the witches in Massachusetts, exploring the woods with her dad. It was about the same time as it was where Becky was now, late October (Hallowe'en in Salem? THE BEST) and Becky remembered laughing exploring the woods near the house they were staying in. Her dad was pretending to be a witch or something, chasing her round, and Becky was loving it, laughing and screaming. If anyone was nearby, they probably thought someone was being raped or something! Becky sighed contentedly remembering those times, as she opened her eyes to see what she had drawn in her little trance. It was a tree, a big tree, with all its leaves missing, twigs in a shower above its gnarled trunk and a crow sat in its branches, cawing away. It would have probably been quite a good drawing, had Becky not accidentally added a small nick in the trunk of the tree, near the bottom. She tutted, ripping the paper along the nick, severing the tree in two, and screwing up the page into a crumpled ball which she threw out of the window. "Becky!! Come down here a minute!", shouted Becky's dad, and she stood up and walked out of her room and down the stairs to her kitchen.

"Salem??", Becky cried, "We're moving to SALEM??". Becky's dad had just explained how he thought that her...episodes... were stemming from all the stress in her life, and the only way to solve this stress was to move the family HALF WAY ACROSS THE WORLD. To a place that Becky had only just thought about! Not that she minded really. There was nothing going for her here, and Salem did hold only happy memories. Plus,it would be Hallowe'en again soon! How good was that?? "Now I know it's going to be a big change and everything....", Becky's dad started. Becky cut across him straight away, shrieking, "Fantastic, when are we going??". Her dad's face lit up to see his daughter so happy for once, as he told her that they were hopefully leaving later that week, and the two sat and chatted excitedly about their new life waiting for them Stateside.

A couple of days later, and Becky was lugging her suitcase through the empty house, the light casting golden rays across the empty wooden floors. Becky stopped and stroked the banister, before laughing and running out of the door, dragging her suticase behind her. Five minutes later and she was sat in the car, just about to leave, and feeling a bit nervous, but also excited. Her dad made some final checks to see that everything was ready, and turned the ignition, sending the car trundling away down the gravel drive. As Becky looked back at the only house she'd ever lived in, her eyes were drawn to the large window in the middle of the upper floor. A weird shape was there, and as Becky squinted at the window the light disappeared and she saw the figure of a man looking back at her. Becky jumped, closing her eyes, and when she looked back, the figure was gone. Becky was a bit shaken up, but then her dad started talking about America and all that they were going to do when they got there, and Becky's mum smiled and joined in the conversation, happy that Becky was once again talking to them both, as the car disappeared into the distance.

In the woodland behind Becky's house, a tall tree lay away from all the other trees, its gnarled trunk scarred from the countless years it had watched the patch of forest around it, and the small house almost beyond the reach of its twisted branches. A small nick lay in its solid trunk, and as the wind whistled past, the large tree began to fall. Slowly through the air it bent, increasing in speed as it plummeted towards the small house in reach of its motion. The trunk hit the roof of the house full on, and its branches shattered the windows of a small bedroom. If someone had followed the path of the branches as they twisted to and fro around the dusty room, they would see that the sharp rods of wood lay centred on a small bed, in which lay an old woman. Well, what used to be an old woman. The branches had taken a clean route straight through her body from both eyes pierced to a larger branch sticking out of her torso. The body laid pinned to the bed as it started to rain, the woman's scarlet blood washing down the wooden floor, soaking into the pale wood and staining it a darkened red as the wind whistled past the shattered windows.

The End

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