Evil ClownsMature

As she walked down the normally busy main road, the only sound that filled Becky's ears was the crunching of fallen leaves under her shoe. The eerie silence was all around, pulling Becky into a state of suden fear as the world closed in around her ears...until the cars came trundling down the street seconds later, and Becky scolded herself for being so predictably paranoid. She was already slightly on edge after her trip to the hospital that morning, after her parents forced her to see a psychiatrist for her...troubles. They were scared of her, she knew it, everyone seemed to be these days. Becky didn't blame them though...how many people close their eyes and see people burning in playgrounds, or dream about a young woman dying in a house fire, then awaken from their fitful slumber to the news headline, "FAMILY KILLED IN ARSON ATTACK. DAUGHTER DROWNS WHILST ESCAPING". It just wasn't normal. BECKY wasn't normal.

The worst thing was, the others didn't believe her. She couldn't save anyone, all she could do was worry that her "episodes" would come true. In fact, about half the people she knew thought that she was just attention seeking, and the other half thought that Becky herself might have had something to do with the deaths. Just because she kept to herself a lot, and was a bit of a loner in school didn't mean she was abnormal...did it? It was hardly "evil clowns in her head making her do things" as her mother had tried to make out to the shrink.

Becky shook the thoughts out of her head and pulled up her woolen scarf as she continued traversing the now normally busy road. It was strangely cold for late October, and the wind chill really didn't help. You could hardly walk a few steps in this weather without your fingers going numb, and Becky was experiencing this firsthand. She increased her pace, and walked briskly off until she came to her road. It was a normal sub-urban road, with large gardens, trees and even a few ponds in view of most of the houses. Becky's house was at the furthest end of the road, extending out behind a long gravel drive lined with trees, with a large patch of woodland behind the house that the sunlight never quite seemed to light. It was one of those houses that was quite large and mansion-esque, with lots of windows. The sun lit the front of the house quite well, and it was warm and cosy in those rooms, and yet the back of the house was always gloomy and dark, with Becky's room smack bang in the middle, so it had its phases. One moment the room would be bright and cheerful, and the next, gloomy and dark. Today, it was the latter.

Becky walked straight in and curled up under her thick duvet, feeling the warmth begin to fill her frozen frame. She sighed contendly, before the darkness and the warmth got the better of her and she slowly started to drift into unconsciousness. Becky awoke in one of the times when her room was bright, and instead of feeling cold like when she entered the room, the sun seemed to be buning her skin as her temperature rose. Becky quickly stood up, feeling dizzy with the effort, and once she stopped swaying in the spot she left the room. Her mum watched as Becky walked across the hallway and straight out of the front door, sighing at the loss of contact with her only daughter. Becky walked into the warm air, puzzled at how much the temperature had risen since just a few hours earlier. She pulled off her warm jumper, threw it over her shoulder and set off down the oath, gravel crunching under foot. As Becky reached her road, she mentally commented on how empty all of the roads seemed to be today, and paced briskly down the pavement. As Becky turned the corner into Long Oak Avenue, she saw old Mrs Babbage, her neighbour, pottering away in her garden, enjoying the warmth. Becky went to walk on past her, but the old lady whispered, "Becky...". Becky turned around, surprised that her old neighbour (who had never attempted to make contact before) was actually bothering to talk to her, and she waited for Mrs. Babbage to turn around. The old lady turned slowly, before collapsing onto her garden lawn suddenly. Of course Becky moved to help, and as she turned old Mrs. Babbage around, she heard the woman moan as she looked into her face, a horrified expression filling Becky's own.

The woman gnashed with an empty mouth, her bloody eye sockets like black holes, pulling Becky in to devour her whole. Becky stepped backwards, shuddering at the long objects protruding bloodily from Mrs. Babbage's torso, her blackened hands closing silently around air as she moaned. Becky fell backwards over the kerb, and led paralysed with fear on the ground as the old woman stood quickly, stumbling over to the spot where Becky lay. The old woman screamed as she closed in on the terrified Becky, and Becky fainted in fear as the woman mouthed what looked like "Silence you" from her blood stained mouth, and Becky awoke suddenly, tears streaming down her haunted face in her dark room.

The End

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