As Sarah drifted through the watery blackness, her mind flew to pictures of those she loved best...her mother, her father, her sister....and her eyes closed as the emptyness overcame her.

The wooden floorboards creaked as Sarah crept through the hallways of her broken home. The door to her bedroom was blown apart, the doorknob spinning in an endless circle on the floor. Sarah leant down to touch it, as she heard a crash from the bedroom itself. She snuck in, expecting to see a man or woman stood in her room, perhaps trying to steal something, but she found herself looking at a perfect room. White walls, pink decorations, a bed made perfectly in the centre and a fire lit in the small ornate hearth on the opposite wall. The music box on the bedside table played a quiet and yet invasive tune, the tinklings invoking an uncontrollable sense of....something...Sarah didn't know what. She backed out of the room, noticing the doorknob circling the floor had suddenly stopped, and continued up the blackened hall. The next room she came to, that of her parents, had an oak door of darkened blue, and as Sarah slowly pulled the doorknob round, the door steadily edged open. Gathering all her wits, Sarah threw the door open, to be greeted by a sight she did not expect. As if the opposite of the room next door, the room was almost the same layout. Emphasis on the "WAS". For the room which had always given her such warmth, serenity, tranquility, was but a blackened shell of it's former self. Long broken scratched scoured the scorched edges of the walls, and the bed itself was gone, replaced only by a void beneath the floorboards. What had happened here?

Sarah edged out of the room, tears welling in her panicked chestnut eyes as she tried not to think of the horrors that must've taken place here. She closed her eyes and ran out, before tripping over the metallc doorknob once again rollling around on the floor. Her body hit the broken floorboards hard, a jarring feeling filling her bones and she skidded to a stop, right on the edge of a cavernous precipice where she was sure had once been stairs. Sitting, breathing slowly, Sarah thought to herself how this seemed so unrational, and she must wake up. She screwed her eyes shut, her brow creasing with concentration, and opened her eyes.

The view that she saw filled her with pity. It was the same. So, this wasn't a dream? It was real? Sarah stood slowly, and once again walked into her room, seemingly the only room in the house left alone.She sat on her bed, sobbing, trying to remember, futilely, what had happened here. As she sat, eyes closed, she heard a small sigh, and when she opened her eyes...the door was gone. In its place was a slab of empty wall, and as Sarah touched it, she saw an orangle glow out of the corner of her eye.

Sarah turned to see the small, cosy fire in the opposite wall had increased while she had been looking away. A bright ball of orange and red flickers filled the space, the tongues dancing ever closer to the surrounding objects. Flick, a flame set light to a curtain. Flick, a dolls face started to melt, empty eyes boring into Sarah's face as its own face bubbled away. The fire seemed to dance, shimmering, in front of Sarah, and in her confused state, Sarah hypnotically walked towards it, outstretching a hand to the golden light. Its warm glow enveloped her as her hand came into contact with an arm of pure gold. And exploded. Sarah felt her surroundings melt as a deafening, cacophanous sound hit her eardrums. The resulting explosion blew Sarah's light frame into the patch of empty wall, which itself gave way upon impact. As Sarah plummeted down, she saw the burning house, once her home, steadily speed away into the sky, as Sarah was enveloped by a watery blackness. Sinking into the abyss, Sarah knew she needed to escape, but the energy had left her body completely. With just enough left, Sarah turned her head, to see the empty eyes of her mother and father staring back at her. Sarah screamed, and yet only bubbles came out as she continued sinking into the void below.

The End

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