Behind the Curtain

"Five minutes guys" Steve called, and disappeared back down the stairs. Jordan threw his ESP over his bare shoulders, threw his hair back and prepared to walk out for his opening solo.

"Jord!" Ben shouted, running over to him as fast as his short legs would carry him.           "Jordan! JORDAN!"

Jordan span round hastily: "What's up?"

Ben looked up at Jordan with considerable admiration, as if he was going to cry, reached out to grab his hand and said.

"Good luck dude. I love you."

"You tool!" Jordan exclaimed, laughing to himself, though he turned round to face the group, who were all ready to go, and smiled. Steve signalled for him to go.

He walked up the stairs, flicked his long hair back, and placed his left hand on the fret board. And the curtains opened.


The End

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