The day has come.

Becky and I were sat on Becky's bedroom floor, talking to Luke when the realisation I was going to see Ben Grimsley IN THE FLESH in around 3 hours finally hit me.  We'd been counting down for so long, and it was finally here.

We left the house,  staggered to the bus stop and hopped on the 28 to town, staggered further to meet Becky's dad, and EVEN further to get to to McDonalds, and we didn't fall over once.  Lucky! We finally reached McDonalds, and got our tea.

"Becky look! Jordan's outside!" I exclaimed.

Becky spun round and sure enough, there he was, wandering around aimlessly, was he lost?

"Haha! Maybe he can't find the theatre." Becky said

We finished our meals, then had a go at putting in our fangs, which was a complete and utter fail. We finally gave up with that, plus there was no way we were going to be able to sing with them in. After we'd all finished, the five of us got a shift on to the theatre.

We turned the final corner, and the big black metallic beast came in to view. My heart skipped several beats.

"I think a part of my soul just died..." I mumbled, trying to keep balance as we skidded towards the entrance. Becky smiled and agreed. We finally reached the foyer, and the swarm of rampant rock fans engulfed us. Wasn't long now!

The End

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