Highway to Hull!

"I'm on a highwayyy to Hull!" Jordan yelled, dancing about to ACDC as the Vamps van zoomed down the A1079. They were almost there, another day, another show.  

Steve wandered across the bus, and sat down besides Ben, who was being very quiet throughout the journey. Almost too quiet.

"What's up babe?" Steve said, prodding Ben in the arm. Ben lifted his head off the table and gave Steve what could have been the falsest smile in the history of mankind.

"Nothing, why? I'm totally fine" Ben said, shiftily.  Steve shook his head.

"No you're not. Come on, what's up."

Ben proceeded to talk when Henry and Emily brushed past him, and Henry laughed.

"Ben, you still worried that chick is gonna attack you or something?"

Steve shot Henry a confused look then turned to Ben again.


Before Ben even had chance to open his mouth at all Henry was off.

"Oh basically Steve, back when we did Symphony,  Ben picked up a little, fan... and she's more than likely to be at the show tonight, in Hull. Therefore, Mr Grimsley here, is being a big of a fag about it."

Nicky looked up from his microwaved fish pie at the other side of the bus , intrigued.



The End

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