Fun, Fangs and Frolics!

Just a little thing that only one person will understand but fun to read anyway! ;D

The stage lights in the Sands Centre, Carlisle went down for the last time.

Standing ovation yet again.  Steve beckoned his posse of blood soaked rockers to centre stage and they all bowed in unison.  Ben, being the tiny hyper one of the group, ran to the side of the stage and threw his devil horns in the air, making the audience roar louder.  One more bow, and they were gone. 

"WOOOOOO!" Ben screeched, bouncing about backstage and nearly knocking Jordan off his feet.

"Ben,  calm down dude!" Henry called, setting his guitar  against the sofa and sinking down into it. Ben dived across the room and plopped beside him.

"Sorrehhh Henrehh, I just, aww I love the feeling after a show." He said, "Where are we tomorrow?"

"Not sure" Henry replied. "Steve! Steve where we hitting next?"

Steve glanced at Henry through his mirror and make up and smiled to himself.

"We're hitting Hull guys."

Henry and Ben looked at each other, and Ben grinned. They both knew exactly what was in store for them.


The End

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