Chapter 4Mature

“Don’t touch that” Reece snapped as I reached out to touch the green goo on the front door of my own house. I turned slowly, an evil look on my face. “Don’t even – its Demon saliva. They spat on your door to see if there are any spells protecting your house. Demon saliva has different effects on most creatures, but most cases, it just burns your skin down to the bone in a matter of seconds” Reece explained. “Since the goo is still on your door and did not evaporate, it means your house wasn’t protected,” he continued before pushing the already open door. Picture frames and broken glass littered the floor, the glass crunching under our feet.

Reece took each step slowly, his muscles tense with every movement he made. He motioned Anderson and Dominic towards the left side of the house, making the dining room and the kitchen their hunting grounds. He sent Alex and Essie towards the right side of the house which was going to be the living room and the computer room or as dad called it, his “man cave”. Reece then motioned Zeke and Cecilia to check out the back of the house, which was going to be the oversized backyard. Reece walked ahead of me up the stairs that led to the three bedrooms. He held his hand out stopping me while he quickly checked out the three bedrooms. He came back a minute later and nodded, silent as always.

I walked around the staircase railing to the room directly behind, my room. My lime green walls providing comfort of the life I used to live. My eyes watered as I looked at the mess my room now was. All of the drawers of my dresser had been yanked out and thrown everywhere, my clothes in various heaps across the floor. My photo album’s pages had been strewn all over the floor, with captured wonderful memories bent and crunched into balls. Tears flowed forth, my chest heaving at the mess, reality hitting me like a train.

“I-“ Reece began but I said nothing as I slid down to the floor grabbing a nearby photo of my parents. My mother smiled into the camera as she held the camera while my father was preoccupied smiling at her, lost in the love he felt for her. I brought my knees to my chest and buried my fact into my legs, sobs heaving my chest. Reece said nothing and sat down next to me wrapping his arms around me. I sobbed into him, my eyes flooding with water so great. We sat for a few moments and I eventually calmed down, my sobs fading into quick shallow breaths and then finally into normal breaths.

“You traitorous, backstabbing bi-“ someone screamed as I saw a blur lunging towards me. Zeke suddenly behind her yanking her back by her waist, her glass sword not even an inch away from my eye.

“Cecilia, control yourself” Reece snapped standing up. She pointed her sword towards my face and glared at him.

“Are you kidding me? She's the one we need to worry about” she sneered, a cold tone, I never expected to hear from her. My eyes were wide and I began to hyperventilate as I hid behind Reece. She smashed a paper into Reece’s hand still fighting against Zeke’s grip. Reece looked at the paper and slowly turned toward me, a look of confusion on his face. He held up the paper, which I realized was a photo of my parents.

“What? Do you know my parents?” I asked, slowly backing up, fearing of what was going to happen next.

“Yes, they are the ones who slaughtered numbers families, whole villages with the league of Crusaders” he responded, the words hitting me in the stomach like a baseball bat. My stomach suddenly felt as though it was 1,000 pounds. I felt queasy and nauseous, my palms sweating as the words echoed in my head.

“How could you possibly believe that?” I asked, my voice quivering, my throat feeling as though it was going to close on itself. My shirt clung to my back, only adding to the heat I was already feeling.

“Because they murdered my parents in front of me” he said as emotionless as his face. He looked as though it was happening again before his eyes, his eyes staring into me.

“No that can’t be. No you must be confused-wrong” I mumbled, my words never seeming so difficult to come up with.

“No, I would never forget the face of the person that made me watch them kill my parents. I would never forget the words your father said to me as he slit my mother’s throat. ‘This is the price to pay for being a Wylor, that being a Wylor kills everyone around me… that the right decision in life is to be a Ronelor.’ I was going to kill your parents, seems their own kind finished the job before me,” he sneered before leaving the room. I said nothing, each word sinking in, kicking me while I was already down. I ran to my bathroom and threw up into the toilet. I flushed and headed towards the sink. I closed my eyes as I splashed cold water on my face.

“Hello Princess” a voice said behind me. I raised my eyes into the mirror and screamed when I saw a creature standing behind me. He was a light, pastel blue. His skin wrinkled and aged. His long, pointed nose hung over yellow teeth that were jagged and looked incredibly sharp. His long fingers had just as long sharp nails that were more like claws. They extended into it formed what looked like needles that dripped a green liquid that sizzled when it hit the ground. His red eyes turned his whole eyes black before the mirror shattered in my face. Mirror pieces had cut into my skin, some had fallen to the ground while others were still in my face and quickly, warmth slid down my face. I screamed again and suddenly I was knocked to the ground as he pounced on me. I could hear the door being hit from the other side but I was too focused on the demon that had my legs and arms pinned down.

“Princess, this only is going to hurt until I kill you” he hissed smirking as a drop of saliva landed on my face. I screamed in pain when it did, the feeling similar to having an iron pressed to my face.

He dragged a nail over each wrist, smiling and then removed his arms. My arms pinned with some invisible force field. “But hey princess, I will let you die like a Wylor” He sunk one of his needle-like nails all the way through my right wrist, a blood curdling scream leaving my lips. Just kill me already. He removed his nail and did the same to my forearm.

He removed it quickly and then gripped my shoulders all of the fingers in his hand sinking into each shoulder. He laughed as I screamed again. Tears streamed down my face; the pain was excruciating.

“Well princess, this is time for you to die, your marks will show up after your death, but at least you will have died as a Wylor. Any last words?” He clutched his fingers together and his nails suddenly transitioned into two giant blades.

“Yeah, screw you” and in the moment he wasn’t paying attention I moved my legs up and kicked him into the counter. He screeched as he hit the counter. He snarled and grabbed a piece of glass.

“Fine, die in failure, die like an animal.” He stabbed my thighs with the glass laughing as I screamed in pain.

He transitioned his fingers back into a blade. “And just because you tried” he paused and spat on both blades before sinking both into my stomach. “It’s such a shame your parents hid this from you – guess they really did grow a conscience.”

“And it’s a shame, we really can’t kill you, but only send you to Hell, but since you tried to kill my friend, I would rather send you to the Underworld” Reece said before swinging his sword in the air, a two foot black hole appearing in front of me. He kicked the demon into it,

“Cecilia” Reece yelled.

“I’m here. I will have to speed up her runes being brought to light, because without it, she is going to die” Cecilia told and held her fingers above my wrists. The burning sensation returning, it was killing me, or felt like it. My body felt as though it was on fire and I screamed in pain. I couldn’t take it anymore.

“Just let me die” I begged Cecilia tears streaming down my face, the pain only getting worse. She shook her head while Reece began to laugh. “What is so fing funny?” I sneered in pain and anger.

“Because you have gone through the worst part, already started healing, and in less than a minute you won’t be feeling the pain anymore” he responded and within seconds the pain was gone.

I stood up slowly slightly sore but nothing major. Where I had been laying was a pool of blood. The bathroom was now in shambles and the crew entered the room.

Reece looked around confused. “Wait, where is Essie and Alex” Reece asked grasping the handle of his sword. Everyone turned and they realized that the two weren’t around. Reece ran out, sword in hand and headed downstairs hastily. We followed quickly, while my stomach dropped and the hairs on my neck stood up. We reached downstairs, Reece no longer in sight.

A scream rang out and we all turned looking for the source. I ran into the kitchen seeing something I never would expect to see. In the middle of my kitchen was a looked like a black hole, approximately a foot off the ground, two feet wide and about five feet wide. I watched as Reece jumped in, sword in hand. I looked around and grabbed a giant kitchen knife. I looked at the black hole, a mixture of black and purple with stars swirling around it. It sucked the nearby chairs and silverware into it, gaining more powerful. I could feel my palms sweating as I held the kitchen knife. I looked around, no other team members in sight.

“This has got to be the dumbest idea you’ve had yet” I said to myself. I groaned as I ran towards it full force. “Here goes nothing” I said as I jumped in.


The End

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