Chapter 2Mature

“Kylie, can you pop the door for the gas tank, I forgot to” my dad asked as I sat in the car and stared at the window. I nodded and leaned over the seat, pulling the tiny lever and heard a pop as the door for the gas opened. “Thank you” he said and turned swiping his card at the pump. My mom smiled as she exited the gas station with a bag, probably full of candy. My mom always had a sweet tooth.

My mom opened the passenger door and hopped in the seat, grinning like she had won the lottery. She began rifling through the bag, searching for what candy she should eat first. I stared out the window again looking at the overpass that was right next to the gas station.

“Oh crap, I just realized I forgot to buy sour candy, can’t buy candy without getting sour candy!” With that, my mother ran back inside. My dad gave me a puzzled look and I got out of the vehicle.

“Mom forgot to buy sour candy” I told and my father shook his head. I stared back the highway again, feeling a sort of pull towards it. A loud buzzing filled my ears until the point it sounded like a loud screeching in my ear. I hissed in pain and covered my ears. My father said something but it all sounded distant and off. All I could hear was that screeching in my ear.

I pulled my hand back feeling my hands get wet. I looked at my hands and they had blood on them. I tapped my ears again and felt warm blood coming out my ears. My father’s eyes got wide and he said something but nothing was registering. My mother was soon by my side as equally freaked out as my father about my bleeding ears. Suddenly a strong pull turned my face towards the highway; a semi-truck flew up and then landed hard rolling down the hill towards the gas station. Unfortunately for us, this semi happened to be a fuel tanker, carrying approximately 5000 gallons of crude liquid death that was rolling straight towards the gas station we stood at. I looked at my father and then everything became clear.

“Run!” But by then, it was too late. Out of nowhere, I ducked and curled into a ball and felt heat pass me. A loud explosion resounded in my ears. I looked around and saw the whole gas station was on fire. My father’s and my mother’s body lay underneath a wall of the gas station, their eyes closed. I looked at the highway, at a giant creature looming above every car.

I gazed around at all the pumps on fire, at all the dead bodies or their body parts lying next to me and threw up at the sight. A crack sounded out and I looked up to see a hooded figure standing on top of a car part.  I could see him begin to smile and point at the ground. I looked at where he pointed, which was where I had curled into a ball. There was a crater where I had laid and I just stared at it confused.

“Kylie Danes, you shall die now” he said and motioned the giant forward. The ground thumped…


I woke up instantly and felt my body unable to move. I looked down to see metal bars around my stomach, both feet and both arms. A girl came towards me holding my shoulders down.

“Kylie, I will need you to calm down. Take a deep breath, I know you have had a long day, just please breathe. We are not going to hurt you, we are going to try to help you” she said calmly while restraining my shoulders down. “You came here for help, to get away from that monster correct, so let us help you. We can’t help you if you are trying to fight us. We are not the enemy.” I began to breathe slowly and felt my heart calming down. “That’s good, just calm down and breathe slowly.” I nodded and laid against the cold bed I was on. “I’m going to remove the restraints now, I am going to need you not to attack or do anything stupid.”

She pressed a button and slowly each and every metal bar removed itself from around me. “I bet you have a lot of questions” she asked smiling. “Well I’ll help out.  I'm Cecilia and what just happened was a bridge. A bridge is where I am able to bridge into your memories, and see certain memories. I see only what I need to see, no personal stuff although bridges can get very tricky and sometimes they tend to show too much. I just needed to see what exactly happened to you today, and how you got here. Winston will have more information for you.” She smiled, tucking her dark brown hair behind her ear.

“Where is… Winston” I asked confused and completely lost.

“Don’t worry about it quite yet… I need to put a brace on that ankle. I managed to get most of it healed, so I managed to downgrade it to a sprain. I can try again later but right now it drained a lot of me to heal the completely shattered bone. I have no idea how you managed to get here on it.” She said and grabbed a splint out of a drawer in the nearby chest.

“Is it true? Did you really escape a demonized troll?” a small voice said. I looked up to view a small girl with long dark brown hair staring at me. She had to be a few years younger than me, possibly 13 or 14. She had wide eyes and a small face. She had light freckles and bright green eyes. She was wearing a loose jacket over a white tank top and scuffed jeans. Her converse nervously kicked together and she stared down at her feet.

“Alex, get out of here. Jesus Christ, are there any rules you don’t break” Cecilia snapped and the girl winced like she just slapped her. She brought her eyes back down to her feet.

“Sorry I should be going” she apologized and turned.

“Actually Alex, show her where Winston is, Kylie will end up getting lost around here. Anyway, I put a little boot on your foot, try to avoid putting weight on it and elevate it whenever you can” she said before leaving the room.

I slowly got off the bed that was starting to become uncomfortable and stretched, pain kicking into all of my muscles. “Did you say that the monster I escaped back there, that thing that tried to kill me was a troll?”

“Yeah, they’re gruesome things” she responded. She made a face when she said that showing just how innocent she was in a group of fighters.

“So you're telling me that trolls exist… Are there other characters out of fairy tales that exist as well” I asked in shock.

She only laughed and held open the door to let me walk out. “Yes, there’s tons like witches, warlocks, Cyclops, those sorts of things that human life had you believe to be fiction. Almost every fairy tale is real or about real creatures, except for some really B.S. ones” she said and exited the building with me as the glass doors slid open. “They said you could be one of us. But you have no marks, no showings, natural or earned. But I think you are because if you weren’t one of us, you wouldn’t be able to find this place.”

“What exactly are you guys?” I asked, finding this whole new world absolutely fascinating.

“We are Wylors. It’s kind of hard to explain, our history is long and there’s a lot to explain, Winston does a good job of explaining out history and stuff. I like it, especially since I already have my basic power!” she said excitedly. I said nothing as I followed her up one flight of stairs which spiraled around a huge tree. Cecilia put me on babysitting duty apparently; I was about to zone out and ignore her until she held open the palm of her hand. She closed her eyes and a tiny tree started to form in the center of her hand. Slowly, a vine formed and slid over her palm extending and wrapping over her arm.

“What the” my sentence ran off and I just stared at her hand in complete shock, having lost my train of thought.

“No one else seems to think it’s cool but me.” She ran up another flight of stairs, acting like it was nothing, but since the running yesterday, I felt more and more drained with each step.

“You said earlier I had no marks, what exactly do you mean by that?” She rolled her eyes as if I was supposed to know the answer to that question.

“The marks I was referring to are these black marks, and they look like tattoos. They strengthen your powers and they usually have meanings, they are like birth marks for some I guess. I had my first one at ten.” She lifted her shirt a little to show a four inch tribal that was on her hip bone. It curled on one side like a hook then descended up then curled back spiraling into itself. “It’s the only one I’ve had for a while which is why the team believes I am not going to be a good fighter like Cecilia or my sister.” She frowned for a moment but changed the subject.

“I bet you're wondering where Winston is. He is in the library, which is one more floor above us, like he always is.” She turned back and started heading up the next flight of spiral stairs. She opened the door again and let me walk in first.

Sure enough, he was in the library sitting giant chair behind the oak desk at the far end of the room, reading a book.  There were two floors inside just this one floor; each had dozens of book cases that lined the wall from top to bottom, except the one wall behind the tiny desk that Winston sat at. That wall had a giant window from the floor of the first level all the way to the ceiling, stretching across the entire wall touching the walls surrounding it. The second floor had a balcony that circled the room. On the first floor, there was almost a hallway created by various statues that sat in pairs lining from the back to the front of the room. Between each book case, were various paintings either of different scenes or particular events in history.

“Good morning Kylie Danes” he greeted and shut his book, turning his head towards me. “Alex, do you mind if you give Kylie and I a moment” he paused, waiting for her to leave the room. Once the door shut he turned his attention back to me. “I believe you may have some questions I can help answer” he stated although I wasn’t sure if it was a question or a statement.

“I do” I mentioned and walked towards the desk.

“I believe that the questions that you have are best answered with the history of Wylors, and who exactly you really are Kylie. However, it is a long story so please take a seat” and with a snap a seat appeared out of thin air. I walked towards the seat and sat down, feeling that it was a real chair. Oh it’s going to be a very long day.


The End

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