Chapter 1Mature

Sweat dripped down my neck, blood matted my hair to my face and the sound of my heart was pounding in my ears; today was the day I was going to die. Every breath felt like it took a toll on my body causing my chest to feel as if it were going to explode. I couldn’t run any further, but I knew that I had no choice. The creature chasing me pierced my ears with its augmented roar, shaking the pavement underneath me with its heavy stomping. Continuing to run, my legs began to feel more and more like rubber with every step I took.

Looking around, I tried to determine where I was. I was deep in the slums of downtown, a place I was unfamiliar with. Out of the corner of my eye, I saw the creature’s turquoise hand stretched towards me and if I didn’t duck, I would have been knocked into the wall like a fly by a swatter. Dropping down on the concrete, I managed to scrape my knees. He raised his voice again behind me while using his fists to knock down multiple buildings. Following his roar was the sound of an explosion from the rage he took out on the city. Bricks and drywall rained down as the creature attacked each building in his way of capturing me.  

Then I ran towards an alley in attempt to get away. Yet, I was probably no less safe from the entity than the shower of buildings. Today, I have decided that I’m going to die either by bullet or by some unknown being. Finding my way out of this seems impossible at this moment. I ran towards the alley way anyway, groaning.  Peeping over my shoulder behind me as I ran forward, noticing that the creature was in confusion of the dust of the buildings and my disappearance. Still, I kept running, I was taking absolutely no chances.

Suddenly the ground below me disappeared and I screamed in shock. Blackness enveloped me, but even without the presence of light, I was still alive, but there was a terrible pain in my left foot and ankle. I must have broken it in the fall. Beginning to look around, there was no creature in sight. My eyes slowly adjusted to the darkness and that was when I realized that I had fallen into a sewer drain, the manhole was uncovered. The ground continued to shake and dust fell down from the opening and the walls of the sewer.

Slowly backing away from the exposed manhole, the floor shook again as the thirty foot monster took another step, looking for me in the alley. Suddenly a great crash was followed by another and bricks fell down the manhole shortly after, another building destroyed in the creature’s wrath. I attempted to breathe slowly, attempting to avoid hyperventilating, my chest falling and rising quickly with my heart race.

Slowly, more thumps moved away from the alleyway, finally he was leaving the alley but the nearby thumps meant he was still searching the neighborhood for me. Gazing around, I tried to find the best way to get out. I limped forward, lifting my left ankle as I walked, realizing there was no way I could walk on it, let alone run. A rat came running out, squeaking at me; I hobbled by it, more disturbed by the smell of the sewer then a tiny rat. The sewer tunnel began to curve right. I continued to place my hand on the wall for balance as I walked further into the tunnels.

It had felt like hours that I had been in the sewers, but there was no way to tell time underneath. I just couldn’t face going back; I was in no condition to run from the monster that attacked my family and me. My eyes watered again and I paused, closing my eyes, trying to shake my mind of the thoughts. I opened my eyes again and saw a light from around the corner. I walked forward, the more I walked, the brighter the light got. Slowly, a roar became louder the more I walked forward. This is it, I am dying. No flash of my life before my eyes, just pain in my foot. I walked closer towards the light and saw that where the sewer ran off was a giant waterfall. I looked down as the brown, chunky water turned into bright blue water. I looked ahead to see a giant forest with houses in the far tops of the trees. It was the most beautiful thing I had ever seen. I looked down at the waterfall and gulped. The more I stared at it, I swear, the farther down it seemed to be. I looked behind me to the sewer and then back to the tree houses.“Well here goes nothing” I said a second before I jumped.

~ - ~

Opening my eyes I realized that I was in the lake underneath the waterfall. Above me I saw the surface, and began to move my arms swimming towards it, unable to use my feet. I broke the surface and smiled, never having been so happy to be alive. I looked ahead at the tree houses and swam towards the shore. I twisted my shirt, draining it of all the water before twisting my long bleach blonde hair trying to get every drop of water out as I could and began redoing my hair into a ponytail. I slowly removed my shoe since it seemed to be squeezing my hurt foot only making the pain worse. I looked and my foot was swollen horribly and was bruised in a mixture of black and purple. Removing the other shoe, I tied the shoelaces together hanging both shoes around my neck. Looking towards the house, I headed that way slowly but surely.

The closer I got, the more I realized they weren’t ordinary tree houses. There were intricate stairs and set ups throughout the whole places. There was one main platform underneath all the other buildings that extended over several trees, which had a few small buildings on it, and had to be several hundred feet wide. The houses and buildings were huge and multiple floors, with weird designs carved throughout the wood work of the houses. Shutters were opened giving a glimpse into the houses.

On the floor, was a giant piece of wood surrounded by railings, all 4 corners had a rope that met in the middle and were tied together several feet above the middle of the piece of the wood that traveled all the way up to where the houses were. There was a tiny door in the middle of the railing and a little metal piece had a green button and a red button next to each other. I walked onto the piece of wood and pressed the green button, instantly something creaked above me, and the piece of wood I was on began rising into the air. In surprise, I grasped the railing and realized this was an elevator. The ground got further and further away fairly quickly and watched as a platform next to the houses got closer. The elevator creaked again and stopped; I opened the door and walked on to the main platform. The main platform was enormous, had to be hundreds of feet long and few hundred feet wide.

I was in awe as I looked around seeing the multiple buildings and platforms above me up close. It was like a city but in the trees! Looking around, I realized that there was not a person in sight, so I began to head towards the building that was directly in the middle of the giant platform and loomed over the other buildings so greatly. The closer I got, I realized a blue light was coming out one of the main building’s windows.

The more I walked, the more tired I got, I must have over exerted myself running from the creature. I could hear chatter and from the window so I peeked in and saw several people sitting at a round table looking at a circular projection that was in the middle of the table. I opened the front doors of the building and walked towards where I believed the room being. I knew that I needed help soon, I felt like I was dying. However, they were so preoccupied in the giant projection of what looked like earth hanging above the table.

“Excuse me” I began, however it felt like I was choking on my words. Something felt wrong, I tried to speak again but I only croaked.

“Hey guys, there’s someone at the door” one girl said once she saw me. They all turned quickly, but by then it was too late. Everything turned black as I fell forward passing out and blood gurgling in my throat.

The End

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