Kylie Danes always pictured herself to be normal. Normal family, normal boyfriend. There was nothing not-normal about her. But one trip to the gas station, and one giant creature who murders her family with one swing of a semi-truck... Pushes her on a journey with people she had never met before to save the world from the underworld and finding out who she really is

Falling further and further down, I could hear cars honking behind me. Air continued to pass my ears so fast and my ears quickly popped. Water streamed out of the corner of my eyes and my bleach blonde hair flew everywhere. I was falling past the stories of the skyscrapers so quickly; it was only seconds ago that I had been pushed off the roof of the skyscraper. Death was only seconds away.  As I looked up I noticed the difference in distance between the roof top and I growing greater and greater, Reece was only falling a few feet above me.

"Kylie! Grab my hand!" He extended his hand and I reached, however, our hands were only a few inches apart. "Stretch" he screamed, again I stretched my arm and finally, our fingertips brushed. "Kylie you’re almost out of time, it’s now or never!" I stretched again and grabbed his hand. Purple sparks flew out and a surge of painful electricity flew through my body. Like a wave, the purple sparks circled us and spread from us into a two mile radius, damaging the nearby electricity.

But, just like that, it was all over.


The End

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