Full of Grace

There was nothing of us left.

The burning sensation lifted for only a second as I looked over at him. He was lying flat with charred wings. How holy could this curse be if our wings and hearts were being stolen; burned alive?

I hadn't expected much when we were caught by the amorous tree that harbors so many secrets unlike our own. Yet we were betrayed. The love we shared had been destroyed by the trust that one can never truly have here. How funny is it that they tell us to love each other and have faith and trust? We do just what we are told, yet get punished if we go too far; do too well for ourselves.

Some league we are.

Swallowed by our destinies, destroyed by our sins, and massacred for our achievements. Sure, those around us cheered. They cheered for our long-desired separation, for our needless cries of pain as we are taught the right of way. How truly sacrilegious it is to fall upon your knees only to weep in gratitude for our banishment. Our father would disapprove. He would send bolts of lighting throughout this false world that we have created if he heard of this forsaken act that they are thrusting upon us.

Yet he is gone.

The pain is tenfold worse than it had been before. It curls down my spine, leaving trails of blazing white light that tries to escape through my veins. My wings shatter behind me as I bellow that this is a sin, that this punishment should not, cannot fall upon us. We are gifted, we are wise--yet here we are.

He vanishes before me, leaving a trail of white, glittering dust as a shadow. If death ever existed for us this was it. Burning a hole through the soul that had become mine so many eons ago. This is my fate, my lover's fate--a cursed fate.

They're cheering on as my hands become hot, sweltering in a way that would make Apollo proud. This light engulfing me is the purest, yet the deadliest light to us. Our final memory of this placid world that turned sour the moment that our father left us behind.

This is a hell tainted heaven and I am now gone from it.

The End

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