Kyra's eyes ajusted to the sunlight.

"I always thought that blood suckers were meant to stay in the shadows." Cayden said.

"Oh we were, until we found out that certain stones can keep us in the sun. Only Trubloods have the certain stone."

"What's it called?"

"Trublood?" Kyra waved her fingers in front of his face. On her index finger was a red stone.

"I see why." Cayden muttered under his breath.




"Can you tell me about vampires?"

"If you think that when I tell you about them you have a chance at fighting me, you have another thing coming."

"No, no, I'm interested in them. Very... odd creatures."

Kyra rolled her eyes. "Fine. Vampires have been around since  the stone age pretty much and well I was the first ever vampire in the history, well one of them. My family got changed in the year twelve.

"Nine hundred years later my mother and father were discovered and killed in Italy. That's why they have St. Marcus day, anyways after that  my brother turned two girls into Vampyres- with a Y, because thats who they spelled it then- and they both ended up pregnat. One with my brothers son, the other with a total stranger.

"Vampires ended up spreading around the world because of my brother and sister. I have never bitten anyone. It's kinda why nobody suspects me to be a vampire, but a thousand years ago my brother burned, and my sister staked. I looked so human because I only drank from animals" - Cayden winced- "I had a heart beat and I also loved going out into the sun. I rarely ate garlic.

"But my siblings stalked people in the middle of the night and they had stopped breathing all together- I on the other hand felt as if breathing were a gift so I didn't waste it.

"Now still to this day I am still seen as human, but I'm weaker than most vampires out there."

Cayden looked appaled. "So how'd you get that mark?"

"The Mark of a Thousand Bloods? Well, one day my father hadn't eaten in four weeks and he was on the edge of dying, but he feed on and entire town. There were two thousand people in that town, but he had drained half of them. The people thought it was a silent bomb that had dropped in the night and killed all those innocent people, but nope, it was my dad.

"After that he had gone to hide in the sewers and he had dropped his ring. So he had his hand out and from one of the sewer holes was a star shaped ring. It burned my fathers hand. So whatever happens- scar wise- to the original, happens to the copy."

The End

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