Ryder StarhavenMature

Kyra starred at where the boy had left.

"I thought I was the only one." She whispered. "Wait!" She shouted after him.

The boy didn't look back. Kyra caught up to him. "Who are you?"

"What a nice introduction."

"Who are you?" Kyra Demanded.

"Ryder, Ryder Starhaven." As he said his name his eyes twinkled slightly. "Who are you?"

Kyra signhed. "I'm Kyra Trublood."

"Huge vampire family." Ryder pointed out.

"Oh, I know. You'd know yourself because you are one. Not a Trublood of course, but a vampire."

"I'm aware." He nodded and flashed a white smile.

"I want to know something." Kyra said.

"What would that be, Kyra."

"Why are you here? Most vampires hate manhattan, it's because of the weather."

"If you wanna know I was hunting a pack of rougue wolves. They call themselves the Gray Wolves. Now you know, and I'm leaving."

Kyra watched Ryder leave.  She felt herself slip away into the darkness and ran to Vivienne Lake.

As she walked there she kept her pace going fast, she had to glance a couple of times behind her.

For some reason she never felt so unsafe, as if anything could just stab her and kill her right now.

Kyra glanced back once again, she saw a gray figure. She shook her head. She looked infront of her again and saw the gray figure again, this time in the shape of a wolf.

"The Gray Wolves." Kyra whispered.

The wolf nodded his head and stalked Kyra into a tree.

"Damn pests, go to hell." Kyra hissed.

The wolf transformed into it's human form.

"Kaylee, I need your help." Said Cayden.

"I'm Kyra."

"Oh, Kyra. I need your help."


"There's a new guy in town and he's tryin' to kill me!"

"Why should I help you? You can't even remember my name?" Kyra snapped.

"Because I hear that you like me."

"I did. Not any more."

"Still  please help me."

Kyra looked at Cayden with his brown hair shining in the dim ligting. His eyes seemed to be gray.

"Why so you want me to help you?"

"Because I know your secret. And if you don't I'll tell everyone at school."

"Really? Well, I know your little seccret too, Wolf."

"Oh, right. Probably should have approached you in my human form."

"Oh I knew before this. You have the Wolves Moon on your neck. All wolves have one."

"Vampires also have a Mark. The Mark of a Thousand Bloods."

"Smart boy," Kyra said. "Want a doggie bone?"

Cayden growled.

"Oh, scary." Kyra's fangs came out so fast that Cayden fell back.

"Oh, damn." Cayden starred at them and at how sharp they were. They were like two needles and knives mixed. Cayden shuddered.

"Yeah 'damn' is right. So back off. I don't think you want my help. I'd probably kill you."

Kyra stalked off around him, continuing on her path.

"Wait!" Cayden shouted.

"Why don't you just catch up... if you can." Kyra said.

Cayden rolled his eyes and transformed shapes. He ran after her like a dog chases a child.

The End

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