Red Sky in the MorningMature

There are certain places to go in London, and certain people to talk to, if you have an interest in anything that goes bump in the night. Or the day, depending on its temperament.

Shana sat on the end of the bed in her hotel room, and frowned down at the carpet.

She knew all the hotspots in this city, not to mention most other large towns and cities in the country, and she had more contacts than she was ever likely to need. Being very self sufficient, Shana only sought out help when it was absolutely necessary. What was worrying her though, was that not once had anyone ever mentioned hearing tell of werewolves who were genuinely immune to silver, or secret societies of assassins who hunted hunters.

The overview for the day was looking to be rather disturbing.

The wolf had basically given her very little useful information regarding these assassins, other than to brag that he had met two in his time, and had eaten them both. However, his knowledge of the potential change that she may be facing, was undoubtedly the best that she was going to get.

Looking up from the aubergine coloured carpet, Shana turned her attention to the bathroom door. She could still hear the sound of the shower running, and wisps of steam escaped from the crack underneath the door, but she wasn't worried about how much time the wolf took cleaning himself up. Her hotel was located on Shaftesbury Avenue, which meant that it wasn't cheap, but also meant that the room she could afford had only one window next to the large double bed. Besides, he had smelled so bad that she would happily let him stay in there for a good few hours.

Getting the wolf through the main reception and up to her room had been less trouble had she had thought. The majority of staff in the hotel were either Chinese or eastern European, and as their English was not always up to scratch, they seemed only too happy to avoid a complex conversation. Shana had simply mumbled something about her friend being mugged, and flashed them her best predators smile. The smile that said “no questions, no pain”.

Being this close to Chinatown, her first port of call for information would usually have been to visit Sonny Lau. Last year Shana had visited China to do a favour for Sonny, involving a rather nasty wolf that a local gangster had somehow managed to unleash on a rival's family. This particular family were some distant relatives to the Lau's, and Sonny didn't take threats to his kin very well. Suffice it to say, that Shana had dealt with the problem, and been shot through the calf with a cross-bow bolt for her efforts. Of course Sonny had paid her generously for her help, after all even a hunter is entitled to a little luxury now and then, but she personally felt that he still owed her a favour in return. The only problem with asking Sonny for help though, was that he was unlikely to consider that he owed Shana anything. But, better to be indebted to a Triad, than assassinated by God alone knows who. Anyway, if Sonny couldn't help her, then he was bound to know someone who could.

The sound of the bathroom door opening broke Shana's train of thought.

The wolf sauntered out, dressed in a fluffy white bathrobe, and rubbing his hair with and equally fluffy white towel.

“That was fan-fucking-tastic.” He tossed the towel he had been drying his hair with at Shana, who snatched it out of the air before it had chance to land on her own head. “Wow, your reflexes are amazing. I would have thought that you might be a bit off you game after such a busy night, but you proved me wrong sweetness.”

Shana just rolled her eyes. It was unnerving how easy she was finding it, to think of the wolf's constant rambling as just background noise.

Careful girl, don't forget what he is capable of just because you kicked his ass once . . . well sort of.

“I am going to take a shower now, and you are going to sit right there.” She shoved him into a chair opposite the bed, and before he could protest, pulled out the handcuffs she had been concealing in the back pocket of her jeans. She snapped one cuff onto his wrist, and the other onto the radiator. “Just a precaution.”

He looked at her with faux surprise. “What, you don't trust me?”

Turning her back on him, Shana grabbed a robe and a couple of towels from the open wardrobe.


Sighing, she paused in the bathroom doorway. “What now?”

“I just noticed the sky, that's all.”

Shana turned back round, and looked out of the window. There was pinkish tinge to the sky, but nothing unusual, it would burn off by noon. “So, what about it?”

The wolf smiled at her. “Oh come on, you must have heard the expression. “Red sky in the morning, shepherd's warning”.”

Feeling desperate now to get in the shower and wash off the blood and grime, her patience was wearing even thinner than normal. “If this is some freaky request to go chasing sheep, then the answer is no.”

Laughing heartily, the wolf leaned forward in her chair and wagged a finger at her. “Hey, I do believe that you just made a joke. This is progress.”

“Look, just get to the point, or be quiet.” she sighed.

“I was just going to say, red sky in the morning, it means there's a storm coming.”

Shana stood and watched as the wolf turned his gaze back to the window.

There was always a storm coming . . .

The End

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