Cold Light of DayMature

Being bitten by a werewolf is almost like being stuck in a packed out doctors surgery, in mid-flu season.

This may sound strange, but the logistics are very similar. Basically, you have a fifty-fifty chance of ending up suffering like the poor sod next to you. Of course, it's less likely though, that you will be filled with the desire to hunt to down and kill the guy who sneezed on you.

Shana was certainly filled with the desire to kill this fucker in front of her now though.

Watching him writhe and moan on the floor should have brought her at least some degree of satisfaction. He deserved to be in pain. He deserved every second of it. But as she stood, staring at the bloodied man who had so recently been a ferocious beast, Shana could only think one thing.

Is that going to happen to me?

There was no greater shame to a hunter than to fall victim to a turning bite. Most hunters would have taken their guns and eaten a bullet by now, but Shana was not most hunters. She was a fighter in more ways than one, and she'd be damned if she was going to just assume the worst and give up on herself.

Fifty-fifty Shana, better odds than Vegas.

Keeping her gun trained on the naked man, Shana walked over and stood directly above him.

"Rise and shine sweetheart." She delivered a kick to his side, hard to eoungh to bruise his ribs if not to crack them.

The man snarled and drew his legs up towards his chest in a protective gesture.

"I said, rise and fucking shine arsehole!"

With the sole of her boot firmly on the man's shoulder she forced him onto his back, and then planted her foot squarerly on his chest before he could move again. Her gun was already pointed at his head by the time he turned his cold gaze upon her.

"Fuck you. Hunter. Bitch." The man began to laugh, it was a dry sound in the back of his throat that seemed somehow inhuman.

Shana continued to stare down at him.

"What? No witty comeback?." The man raised a hand to his face and wiped away a quantity of blood. "I must say, I am sorely dissappointed. Then again, I guess you have a lot on your mind right now."

His eyes drifted to her damaged arm, where blood had begun to drip down.

"Oops. Sorry about that."

She may have been tired, and she may been injured, but Shana's reflexes were still in working order and she smashed the butt of her gun into his nose.

Again he snarled, and snorted blood down his face.

Shana grabbed an handful of his sticky hair and wrenched the man up onto his knees. Pausing only for a second to reassure herself that he wasn't strong enough to fight back, yet, she turned towards the entrance to the warehouse.

"You know, I think it's going to be a beautiful day today." She began to walk towards the entrance, dragging the man along behind. "The sun is rising, the birds are starting to sing, and I think that we should go outside and really appreciate the morning."

As she continued her determined stride she could hear him scrambling to find his footing, but his blood-slicked body was working aginst him, and he slipped back down with almost every step she took. Strolling out into the early morning light, Shana began to haul the man to his feet, and pushed him roughly against the outside wall of the building.

She pressed her gun against his temple and looked him directly in the eyes. Human eyes. Brown, not black.

"What are you?" Shana demanded.

Changing back into human form after a night of lupine mayhem gave a wolf one hell of a hangover, and the man squinted his eyes against the growing rays of sunshine.

"Right now I'm pretty fucking tired, and kind of pissed off too, what with having a gun to my head and all."

"Wrong answer." said Shana, stamping down hard on one of his feet.


Shana continued to keep his foot trapped beneath her own. "Maybe I should have made myself a little clearer. I am going to kill you. But you can make it easy on yourself by telling me what I want to know, and I'll return the favour by making it quick."

For a moment she thought he was actually considering her words, but then he began to laugh again.

"You can't stand it can you? Something out there that's scarier than you are: scarier than a big, bad, hunter." He smiled at her. The sight of those pearly white teeth shining out from his blood red face was quite unsettling.

All the better to eat you with Shana my dear.

Something about this whole situation was just wrong. Sure enough she had gone up against some pretty heavy-duty wolves in her time, but nothing that had ever shaken her up like last night had. Maybe he was right. Maybe she had gotten so used to be at the top of her game, that she no longer believed there was anything scarier than her.

So kill him. Go on girl, just pull the trigger. It doesn't matter how much of a bad-ass he might be in his animal form, there is no way he can survive a close range head shot in human form.

Shana continued to glare at the man, and he in turn continued to smile back at her.

He is right, isn't he. You can't stand it. Not just him being so fucking different from any other wolf you've fought, but the fact that you don't understand how.

"You hunters are all the same. Lots of talking, but no real action." The disturbing grin spread wider. "Oh well, if you're going to kill me could you just get on with it please; only, my legs are starting to cramp. And good luck next full moon by the way."

He winked at her.

The urge to pull her knife from it's sheath under her jacket, and jam the blade into his thoat, was almost uncontrolable. To push it right the way back, until she heard it scraping on his spinal cord, and then sever it.

"If I turn, will I be like you?" Shana asked though gritted teeth.

"That depends on what you mean by 'like me'. If you mean, will you be a savage beast with no control over your actions? Then no, you won't. You will still be you, just bigger, stronger and a hell of a lot scarier. And furrier, obviously. But don't thank me for that sweetness, it would have been your fate no matter who got a taste of you."

"Will I be evil?"

The man laughed again. This whole turn of events seemed to amuse him to no end. "Nobody just is evil. The world has to make you that way first. And if you do turn, it will probably seem like an added bonus at first. Think about it: You'll be unstoppable." He paused. "But eventually the novelty will wear off. Some hunter will get hold of your scent, and the fun will be over; and then it's all sneaking around and constantly being chased. And don't even think for a second that explaining your situation will help. They won't care that you're one of their own, they'll just see you as high score kill."

A knot was beginning to form in Shana's stomach, and her next words struggled to come out. "How do you know so much about what would happen to me?"

"Oh? You haven't figured it out." That crocodile smile was back on his face again, and in any other circumstance Shana would have just shot him. "I sympathise with your situation, sweetness. I really do. After all, it wasn't so long ago that I was there myself, give or take a hundred years or so."

That knot in her stomach was getting tighter and tighter, and all of a sudden the fresh air didn't seem enough to breathe anymore.

"Are you saying that you used to be hunter?"






The End

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