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The walk back from Gerrard Street to her hotel was a short one. But the day was pleasant, and the delicious smell of spices, from the various restaurants crammed all around her, reminded Shana that she had not eaten for quite some time.

Hmmm, you would think with the amount of blood and guts in my life I would have lost my appetite years ago. And yet, who can say no to Chinese food?

The hunter inside was tugging at her mental coat-tails, reminding her that she had a potentially lethal wolf cuffed to a radiator back at her hotel. But her stomach was growling, and the lure of juicy spare ribs seemed almost overwhelming.

Following her nose, Shana headed in the direction which smelled the tastiest.

There are so many of our base instincts that we take for granted. The need to feed, to sleep, to mate. These are feelings which are more subconscious than any others that we have. Our inner-self tells us when it is necessary to satiate one of these needs, and we act on impulse more than we would like to admit.

A hunter never does this.

The only time that a hunter acts on instinct is when they are fighting. They can anticipate an opponent’s actions, and react faster then any ordinary person could. Hunter’s look down on other people in a way, as they view any desire that takes over from conscious alertness, as almost animal behaviour. Akin to the beasts that they kill.

Shana turned down an alleyway, winding her way between the backs of various bars and restaurants, her hunger guiding her. It was because of this that she didn’t hear the footsteps behind her. Didn’t see that shadow slowly creeping along the brick walls, inching it’s way closer.

The sound of scraping metal broke her clouded thoughts.

Spinning round, just a fraction of a second too late, Shana barely caught a glimpse of the crowbar whizzing towards her head. She tried to draw back, but the cold hard metal still caught the side of her face, sending a shockwave through her whole head and causing her to bite into the inside of her mouth. As she was spun sideways in the opposite direction, a spray of blood spurted from between her clenched teeth, and she let out what could only be described as a guttural growl. Immediately following the blow, she felt a large boot planted in the middle of her back, and was sent flying into a pile of rubbish bags.

“I don’t know who sent out here, but you picked the wrong corner of London to take your afternoon stroll in darlin’.”

The voice echoed inside her skull, still reverberating from the hit she had just taken. Shana tried to push herself up onto her knees, but the rubbish bags underneath her split open under the pressure, and she slipped back down. Pulling her arms out of the putrid remains of leftover meat and vegetables, she rolled onto her back, to at least get a look at her assailant.

Above her a stood an Asian man, dressed in what looked like a waiter’s clothes. His face was set into a harsh frown, and he gripped the crowbar like someone who was used to using it as a weapon.

“I smelled you the second you walked into Sonny Lau’s place.” he said. “I know that things are getting pretty fucked up round here lately, but whoever thought we would tolerate you being here was dead wrong.”

Working her jaw a few times before she could speak, Shana finally forced words to form. “What the hell are you talking about? There’s no werewolf packs round here, Sonny made sure of that a long time ago.”

The wolf laughed at her. “Your ignorance in outstanding, Shana Stephens. Oh yes, I know who you are, but things have changed since you were last in the neighbourhood. Sonny Lau might think he has eyes and ears everywhere, but he doesn’t.”

Wow, I really must be off my game. That’s three people today that seem to have found amusement in my lack of knowledge.

Time to put a stop to that I think . . . “You ruined my new dress.” Shana glared at the wolf in complete seriousness.

The smile on his face faltered slightly. But not for long, he reset his features into a mocking grimace and raised the crowbar above his head. Ready to deliver his killing blow.


As the wolf came rushing towards her Shana’s arm shot up, almost too fast to see. She grabbed the crowbar and twisted it out of his hand in one fluid motion, breaking his wrist in the process.

As the bones snapped, he screamed and stumbled backwards.

Shana got to her feet rather ungracefully, trying not to slip in the sickening pile of food she had been lying in. Standing before her attacker she casually brushed a lump of chicken skin from her right shoulder. The smell of rotten meat was unbelievably disgusting.

Ok, so that’s my appetite finally ruined.

“You think you know who I am?” she spat, tossing the crowbar a good ten feet away down the alley. “You don’t know shit you stupid lackey.”

The wolf was still whimpering and cradling his arm.

With absolutely no sympathy, Shana stepped towards him and grabbed hold of his broken wrist. Crushing the already ruined bones, she smiled as they crunched beneath her fingers.

“I eat cubs like you for breakfast.” she hissed. “But today, you get to live.”

His eyes widened with shock.

“The only reason you get to live, is so that you can crawl back to your pack leader and tell him, or her, let’s be politically correct here, to get the fuck out of Chinatown.” She paused. “You tell the big boss that Sonny might have missed a few tricks whilst he was busy with other things, but I’m back now, and I know that there is a pack of really stupid wolves round here just waiting to be gutted.”

The wolf opened his mouth to speak, but Shana silenced him with a glance.

“You might want to miss out the part where it was you that told me about the pack, just as an afterthought. Oh, and when I said ‘crawl back’, I meant that literally.”

She punched the wolf hard in the solar plexus, and he doubled over, gasping for breath. Still holding his crushed wrist, she kicked down hard on the back of one of his knees. It made a loud popping sound as it disjointed, and she finally released her grip, letting him fall to the floor.

“Now if you’ll excuse me, I’m about done with not knowing what’s going on around here. I have another wolf to go and beat for information.”

She turned, and was about to leave the wolf squirming on the ground, when she turned back.

He looked up at her, eyes wide with fear this time, and began to try and drag himself away.

Shana strode purposefully over to him and kicked him hard in the face. “That’s for the crowbar thing, I really hate people fucking up my face. You can ponder on that while you pick your teeth up.”






The End

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