My body told me one thing my head another, sex was good no, sex was out of this world. Rick used sex as a reward, he also used sex as a punishment and he could be so cruel. It all started the night of our first full moon together, he behaved like someone possessed.

We'd spent the evening at Jed's Bar and had sloped off before the blues band started to play. We decided to take a shortcut home, night was just falling, the moon shone big and bright, not a cloud to mar it's surface.

He pulled me to the ground, struggling to open my belt he became irate. Rick had been a considerate and tender lover but not tonight, tonight he grazed my now erect nipples with his teeth, my body betraying my head and arching in response. He moved slowly down my tummy, licking and nipping with his teeth as he made his way down to my skimpy panties. He found his way to the smooth skin where my thighs met and proceeded to lick and nip, my body tensing in anticipation.

It was then I heard the howl, startled I tried to move but Rick held me down, his fingers gripping me so hard I knew there'd be bruises tomorrow. It was then he lifted his head to the moon, I felt the shiver run through his body as he nuzzled and licked my neck. My neck felt wet and warm, I moved a finger to feel what was there and in the light of the moon I could see my finger was red, hell he'd drawn blood. Rick readjusted his position and I took the opportunity to sit up, what the hell are you playing at honey. Rick looked at me blankly, his eyes lifeless and his gaze showing he didn't know what I was talking about. I gathered my clothes up and headed in the general direction of the cabin, he grasped my leg so tightly, I couldn't move. I was scared, what had got into the guy, this wasn't the Rick I'd fallen in love with.  

The End

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