Those months I spent with Rick were a rollercoaster of emotions, he was an accomplished lover and the sex was fantastic. Halcion nights and languid summer days spent in his arms. I felt special, he called me his little princess and showered me with gifts.

I felt comfortable in his arms as if I'd known him a lifetime but there was something about him that didn't add up and that worried me. Sometimes when he slept over he'd have nightmares and wake in a bath of sweat, he'd avoid talking about them and would change the subject.

I was very perceptive a gift, some would say a curse inherited from my  great grandmother a medicine woman with great power. A member of the panther clan one of the most powerful Cherokee clans was a great honour. Life was so different now and great grandmother was keen to pass on the knowledge she carried in her. 

I was way too busy with Rick to think about anything else other than the way he made me feel. He knew all the right buttons to press and I forgot everything in his arms even my name.

He worked at the lumber yard, all those days in the sun turning his skin to a rich mahogany, his body toned and hard from manual labour. He'd only been in town a few weeks when we'd met in the woods. 

The End

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