Rick's betrayal

Rick Mendez, how that name made my skin crawl, the guy promised me heaven and took me to hell and back. 

I'd gone through hell at high school but had come through the other end relatively unscathed. My dad was an easy going guy with a penchant for whiskey and spent most of what he earned at Jed's. Mum made a little extra taking in laundry for the rich townsfolk and managed to hide it from my father, so at least we managed to eat well.

The summer of 2007 was a memorable one, it was the summer of Rick the handsome young buck. He strolled into town mid June, tall and handsome, broad shoulders and sleek raven black hair.

I loved to bathe in the secluded pool, I'd sneak over as darkness fell, the water still warm from the sun. Throwing off the trappings of my clothes I lowered myself in, enjoying the water lapping around my body. I'd heard a rustle and turned to see him leaning against the old apple tree, the tree was thought by my tribe to be sacred, to hold special powers. He just stood there in all his glory. leaning nonchalantly gazing at my breasts. I gave him the look a look that could pickle walnuts my mum used to say but he was having none of it.

I gathered my clothes and made a move to head off into the woods to get dressed, before I realised it he was in front of me, my path blocked. He smelled so good, hell he looked good too, I'd dated a few guys but nothing serious and was still a virgin much to the amazement of the few friends I'd made at high school.

He raised an eyebrow, quickly followed by a hand that proceeded to caress my now erect nipple. I wanted to move away but was helpless, glued to the spot, mesmerized by this good looking stranger. He bent to kiss me and god how I wanted that kiss, his lips soft, his tongue running over my bottom lip as he gently drew it into his mouth and nipped it with his teeth. I felt my hand reaching around his neck, what was I doing, I'd never met the guy before. I had no choice in the matter, I had no control over my body, I ached for him to take me as he lowered me to the ground. He lay beside me following the contours of my breast, my ribs and down my flat stomach to between my legs with his finger. I shuddered at his touch, what hold did this man have over me, why was I so helpless.

The End

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