Full Moon Rising

It was another uneventful day at the office, the usual missing person reports but hell this was a town built on the money of drifters. Sedgewood was your typical town built up around the gold mines, those mines long gone, the precious metals wrenched from its home nestled in amongst the now flourishing forests.

Megan felt the usual unease she always felt with the approaching full moon. The draw towards it was always so strong and the urges to escape to the lake and bathe in the moon dappled waters became stronger with each passing phase.

Twenty five years old and of Native American heritage, Megan had recently been appointed Deputy of the small town of Sedgewood, the town where she grew up, it was a huge step for the townsfolk to appoint a Native American but hey, this was the 21st century.

Having suffered at the hands of the bigots throughout her childhood Megan had become hardened as had her heart. Little did she know that was about to change so dramatically. 


The End

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