Full MoonMature

The full moon has always fascinated me. Ever since I was little, I would study charts of the moon cycles, and mark down full moon days on my calendar. Then, on those days, I would stay up late, lying half asleep in bed as it got darker and darker until finally, I would slide from under the covers, cross to my window seat and peer through a small gap in my curtains. The sight of the full moon, riding high in all its majesty, never failed to leave me awestruck. 

Now that I was older,  the moon had become my guardian, lighting my way through the streets. Full moon nights always seemed lucky. I would find a tenner on the street, meet a new friend, or the fit guy I had been checking out everyday for weeks would notice me. 

And tonight was a full moon. But not just any full moon. It was my eighteenth birthday, and I was preparing for the night of my life. 

Little did I know, my life was about to be turned inside out. 

The End

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