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I wrote this poem back in 2012.

Full Circle

Listen to an indie band perform in front of a washer and dryer

Hearing legends get truly inspired

They’re trademarking the estrangely titled

It’s all for that cinema minute desired

Breaking down since ‘94

Drained out of all their oxygen

Ladies and Gentlemen

Here comes the self-destruction tour

At first glance it might seem unfamiliar

Yet, it’s truly not all that grim, so stop acting so gloom

It comes back full circle

You created a new genre, a new hope for a mass of people

Within each decade there should be a new generation

More nostalgia, a new sound track of celebration

At times, it’s experimental, yet it’s still riveting

Music so in tune, it carries its own natural springs

Always real with so much heart and beautiful wings

I say its positive, yet it still packs a bittersweet tone

It’s spellbinding, inventive and groundbreakingly new

We covered new landscape and still made it run smooth

When they destroyed their instruments

They soared through the audience

They moshed, pissed blood and surfed tidal waves

Broken guitars and stage dives are met with critical praise

The noise in the background, the underlining theme

The feedback and distortion raised to the extreme

Who would’ve ever guessed that it would’ve foreshadowed the abyss?

Heavy, soft, punk-metal and classic guitars with lyrics

Looking back on it trying to reminisce

Perfect Bottox, it’s all a gimmick, a perfect gift

Razor blade’s sharpened… Rusty needle’s injected

It’s too bad that the insurance isn’t protected

Once the royalties are all paid off, the checks bounce

You don’t have a dime left over, you can’t even buy an once

You can’t catch a break and you can’t bum a hint off a joint

I always found that the withdraw period was the roughest point

Recovering alcoholic journalists only slander

You can all hear them thump their Bible

They’re so cold blooded and feeble

After major/minor hits and experiencing repetitive blows

Everything around us starts to shake and implode

She wanted my heart to heat up and explode

So that she’d be able to fix another one

So, don’t believe the hype…it’s only a common misconception

Right now I’m in this metamorphic state

At least I showed initiative by starting this break

I’m in this transitional period now babe

Let’s make a compromise, try to find a common ground

And try to make amends

Sometimes I’m so completely oblivious I pass it onto others,

it’s highly contagious It’s a grim disease, it’s addictive and infectious

All alone now I capitalized my isolation from you

Turns out I’ve always had commitment issues

Maybe that’s why I sell finding a girl off as a miracle

At long last, it comes back full circle

I know how much I hurt you and I’m deeply sorry

She’s in the corner quivering, shivering and shaking uncontrollably

She calls me in the middle of the night to tell me she’s overwhelmed

Career goals are top priority and she’s at the helm

Astounding accolades make you a true icon

Rejecting the easy way out makes you a legend

I don’t care if you were once a child prodigy

You blew it all on easy access and accessories

Full Circle

The End

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