The ArrivalMature

The story involves 17 year old Hiro Yatakashi. A once upbeat, helpful young man, he is now a former shell of himself due to an incident in high school. Now cursing at the people he onced helped and cared for, Hiro has lost all of his hope. When a new person enters his life however, the world he lives in, along with the Spirit World, will be changed forever. Relieve Hiro Yatakashi's greatest accomplishes, trials and tribulations, and overwhelming strength as he fights to find out what being a her

Hiro awoke to the sound of his alarm clock. He looked at it with droopy eyes, then slapped it off his nightstand.
  There we go...
Dreading another school day, he got out of bed, took a shower and put on his school uniform. It was black button up with silver buttons, Seru High School's color. Underneath he wore a white shirt tucked into his dark blue pants. A pocket protecter on the side with a black tie. He looked in the mirror in his room. He had dark brown eyes with chestnut brown hair. He straightened his outfit once more.
  "That's good I guess. All ready for another long day..."
Before he left, he grabbed a prepared bento from the fridge.
  "What's this?"
A sticky note was stuck to the bento. Hiro read it out loud.
  "My little hero, we're still busy working day and night, but even I still have time to make you lunch. Am I dad of the year or what? C'mon give me some credit will ya?"
Hiro sighed.
  Dad you idiot. 
  "Hiro, it's mommy. Your father is being a child as usual. Work is long and difficult, but just know that we love you no matter what. We'll hopefully see you tonight."
Hiro didn't know how to feel about the note. They worked a lot and when Hiro would come home from school, his parents would still be working. The only time that he would see them is when they're in their bedroom asleep. He can't even remember the last time he had a conversation with them. He threw the note away, grabbed his bag and headed out the door.
  "I'm leaving," he said.
No answer, but he expected that. It's always been like that for him anyway. Walking to school, he seen groups of kids walking and laughing together. To him, he felt like an outsider. He didn't have any friends, not anymore anyway, but he still managed to make it to his final year in high school, so it didn't bother him much. 
  I'm glad this is my last year, then I'll be out of here for good. Everyone here are a bunch of cowards. Too scared to do anything...
Spacing out, he didn't see someone run up behind and smash into him.
  "Woah!" he said falling to the ground.
The snap on his bag loosed and his pencils and homework came flying out.
  "Better watch out when you're in my way loser!"
Hiro looked up to see Kentaro, the bully of Seru High. His uniform wasn't buttoned, and he didn't know how to even wear a tie properly as it hung around his neck. His build was masculine, and he was twice Hiro's size. Brown short hair with black eyes and a face that made people cower in fear. Hiro was always the target of his ruthlessness. In his 3rd final year of high school, nothing has changed from being pushed around, getting beat up, and crying out of frustration in the process. He glared at Kentaro.
  "You got somethin you wanna say Zero?"
Kentaro liked that nickname. He laughed so hard when he found out Hiro's name, and joked about it for so long. Now he calls him Zero, because that's the complete opposite from a hero.
Hiro quickly dropped his gaze.
  "Oh uhhhh, nothing. Nothing at all..."
He picked up the last of his things and walked past him.
  "Hahahaha! You're so pathetic! No wonder you're so weak!"
Hiro froze in place. WEAK. He hated that word. Ever since that encounter he had with him 2 years ago, Hiro's personality has changed dramatically. The chime rang. Kids filed into school ready for homeroom.
  "Better get to class before you're late loser, ha!"
He pushed past Hiro again, almost making him fall. Hiro didn't retaliate. He dusted himself off and slowly made his way inside.
  "Hiro Yatakashi, this is the 8th time you've been late to my class! I'm beginning to think you don't like me," his algebra teacher said as Hiro walked into the room.
  "Sorry Mr. Yaku, I had a......problem with my dog...."
  "Humph, take your seat."
Hiro took his seat in the back. Mr. Yaku went over today's assignment, but Hiro wasn't paying much attention. Work was pretty easy for him, and he got the work done with time to spare. He decided to take a little nap. In his dreams, he was the hero he wanted to be. Free from torment, always wanting to stop the bad guys from getting their ways. When someone was in trouble, he wouldn't hesitate to save them. In real life, it was completely the opposite.
That little nap turned into an hour sleep. The next class was already in. Hiro was sleeping right in someone seat.
  "Hey, get up. C'mon get up."
The kid shook Hiro.
  "Oh huh?"
  "The next class has already started."
Hiro looked around and seen a different group of students.
  "Oh no! I slept through half of my next class!"
  "Honestly Hiro, I don't know what goes on in your brain," Mr. Yaku said.
Hiro grabbed his bag and ran to his next class. He was running at full speed when he turned a corner and slammed right into someone.
Books and papers cluttered the hallway floor.
  "Watch where you're going next time jerk!"
  "Sorry, I'm late for my next class."
Hiro helped the young girl pick up her papers and books. Hiro took a quick look at the girl. She had long brown hair and big brown eyes. Seru High's short blue skirt and matching tie. 
  "Late? Class started 30 minutes ago."
  "I know. I kinda slept through my last class."
  "Bummer. My names Kana Komoui. What's yours?"
  "Oh uhh, I'm Hiro Yatakashi."
He collected all of her papers and handed them to her.
  "Here are the last of the papers. Your books too."
  "Thanks. Your name's Hiro right?"
She looked at Hiro up and down for a moment.
  Is this really him? I pictured him different than this, way different. 
  "Well Hiro Yatakashi, as punishment for running into me you have to show me around this school."
  "Show you around? Are you new here?"
  "Yeah, I just moved here a week ago."
  "Where are you from?"
  "West Point city. This city and mine are really different."
  "Well, I'll give you a tour but right now I have to get to class."
  "You only have 15 minutes left. You can skip a class for helping a cute girl like me right?"
Hiro took a good look at her, and quickly blushed.
  "Well I, I guess that's okay."

Hiro showed Kana the courtyard, pool, cafeteria and everything else Seru High had to offer.
  "Wow, this school has everything."
  "Yeah, it's pretty big I guess. What about your old school?"
  "It didn't have as much as this school does."
  "You'll get use to it after awhile. I think your next class is here."
they both stood outside a classroom door. Kana took a look at her schedule.
  "History..........ugh I hate history."
  "Heh, with Ms. Fusai it won't be as boring as you think. She actually makes history fun."
The chime rang and students were leaving their classes and heading to their next period class.
  "Alright, we'll uhhh. Bye."
  "Wait a sec."
  "I'm still not use to this school so I need you as my guide for a little longer. How about we grab lunch together."
Hiro was shocked. Nobody has ever asked to have lunch with him before, especially since he was Kentaro's main target. Nobody wanted to be near him, in fear of getting bullied as well. Hiro thought about it, but couldn't pass up the chance of actually having someone else's company. Besides, he was just being her tour guide for the time being.
  "Sure, that sounds nice."
  "Okay then, meet me here when class is over. Later."
She walked off into class. Hiro headed off to his, having a silly grin on his face.
  Someone actually wants to have lunch with me. Missing class was defiantly worth it.

Soon lunch came by and Hiro awaited Kana by her classroom. He had his bento box lunch in his hands.
  Why would she want me to show her around, while there's plenty of other people to help her? Well I did run into her, I guess that's a good thing.
  "There you are Hiro."
Kana waved and went over to him.
  "Hi Kana. How was history?"
  "You were right. Ms. Fusai isn't boring at all. What was your last class?"
  "Oh umm, biology."
Kana checked her schedule.
  "I have biology after lunch. You'll have to show me where that is too."
  "Of course."
  "Onwards to lunch."
Kana ran off without him.
  "Huh, Kana wait. You're not suppose to run in the halls! And the cafeteria is this way!"

Kana stared at the giant cafeteria. It had one floor where you grabbed your lunch and ate at one of the tables, and an upper floor as well. The walls were painted gray with blue and red banners. She looked around at the different foods they provided.
  "Look at the varieties..."
There were different sections of the cafeteria. From meats, to veggies, to sandwiches, to international foods.
  "What are you getting Hiro?"
  "I usually bring lunch from home. Not that I don't like the food here, it just became a habit making lunch I guess."
  "Well sit over there. I'm going to eat something from France."
Kana hopped in the international food line. Hiro took a seat and began eating his bento.
  This is the first time in years that I'm eating lunch with someone else. This makes me happy, in a way.
Kentaro and two of his buddies come into the cafeteria. 
  "I smell meat!"
All three headed to the meat line.
  "Hey look."
One of his friends pointed at Hiro.
  "What's he doing down here?" The other said.
  "Forget him. Meat is calling my name," Kentaro said.
Moments later Kana came from the line holding a tray of tart maroilles, fruitily footy cheese, along with 2 glasses of milk. She took a seat across from Hiro.
  "Here you go." 
  "What's that?"
  "I don't know, but it looks good. Try one with me."
  "Try one? Alright."
Hiro cut a slice and took a bite.
  "Wow, this is pretty good."
Kana took a bite, and her eyes lit up with joy.
  "The cheese just melts in my mouth."
They both laughed together.
  "Hey Kentaro?"
  "What? I'm eating here."
  "Look over there at Hiro."
  "I don't wanna look at his depressing face. I'll beat him up later."
  "No but look. He's with a girl."
Kentaro instantly spit his meat out.
  "WHAT?! A CHICK?!"
Kentaro spun around and saw Kana and Hiro laughing together.
  "I think her name is Kana Komoui. She's new here."
  "Didn't know Hiro was so smooth."
Kentaro laughed out loud.
  "I'll just have to fix that. She's begging to leave but don't wanna hurt the nerd's feelings. I'll be right back."
  "Do you miss West Point?" Hiro asked after finishing his tart.
  "Sometimes but I can adjust. I still keep in touch with some of my friends."
  "It must be nice having friends."
  "Why do you say that?"
  "Because I-"
  "Move it geek!"
Kentaro pushed Hiro out of his seat and sat in it. Hiro's face smacked against the floor. He shook his head, a glint of anger flashed in his eyes.
  "Hey there pretty girl. I seen you here looking like you needed a way out and I'd thought I would-"
  "What is wrong with you?!"
She went to Hiro's aid.
  "Are you alright?"
  "I'm okay. Don't worry about me..."
Kana looked back at Kentaro.
  "Tell me your name."
  "Kentaro Momushi. Let's leave this zero and I'll show you what a real hero is all about."
Kana chuckled to herself, then laughed out loud.
  "What's so funny?" Kentaro said looking confused.
  "Heh, I seen guys like you all throughout West Point. Thinking your tough because you pick on someone smaller than you. That's not cute or attractive. That's down right cowardly."
Kana's voice was loud enough to make everyone stop and stare. All eyes were on them.
  "You're just another bully trying to satisfy yourself by hurting others. That doesn't sit right with me at all. Now apologize to Hiro!"
Hiro got up to his feet.
  "Kana I'm alright. You don't need to do this."
  "I can and I will! Punks like him are always picking on smaller people. It makes me angry just seeing this happen."
She pointed at Kentaro.
  "You. Apologize. Now!"
Murmurs were going around.
  "I've never seen someone stand up to Kentaro before."
  "She's brave."
  "Who is she?"
  "She's cute."
Kentaro was in a rage. He slowly walked up to Kana.
  "Now you listen to me. I was trying to be nice but I can see that I was wrong. You're just another pathetic loser just like Hiro and-"
Kana heard enough. She instantly slapped Kentaro. He caught on to the table to stop himself from falling. Everyone was in shock, especially Kentaro. 
  "Oh that is it!"
Kana got into a fighting stance. She put her left foot forward, then her right foot back. She put her right hand close to her chest, then her left hand out. Her left hand was upside down. Kentaro stared at her weird stance.
  "What the hell is that?"
  "Come at me and find out!"
  "You're asking for it now!"
  "Hold it!"
Everybody turned to see the principle, Mr. Dartsy, enter the cafeteria.
  "Fighting again are we Kentaro?"
  "I didn't start anything! She slapped me!"
  "This jerk was bullying Hiro!"
She pointed at Hiro. He looked at the ground, embarrassed.
  "You two, in my office."
They reluctantly went with the principle. Hiro still stood, amazed by what transpired. At the first sign of danger they would all run, but she's the first to stand her ground. He was at a loss for words. He could feel eyes staring at him. He threw his food away, went outside, and sat on the grass, next to his favorite apple tree.
  What just happened.....

  I've never seen that happen before. A new student came out of nowhere and stood up to a bully twice her size. That amazed me... Especially since it was a girl. Maybe not everyone are cowards. -Hiro Yatakashi



The End

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