Fu' T'su Yung

This is a book I wanted to write but didn't feel like it, so this is a short version of it. =) Remember; I suck at spelling.

   Dean starred blankly at the board game in his hands that he had found in the attic of his new house.  It was a big green box with large black letters that spelled out;

   Fu' T'su Yung

  Under it was a large picture of one of those creepy Chinese dolls with a purple kimono, and a glass of wine.  Dean blinked at looked down at his watch. He still had half an hour before he had to get to his new school. Ninth grade was going to suck big time, he didn't even know where all his classrooms were going to be, and he had heard from the girl across his street that once most boys got into ninth grade, that was when you wanted to avoid them.

    Dean sat down and opened the box. He could at least enjoy the last few moments of his life happy.  Sliding out the board, he instantly noticed several large stains of blood scattered across that hand carved wood.  Something was holding him back, maybe he should just put this game away and go to school.

     But his curiosity got the better of him, Dean opened the folded board, and studied the game set.  There were more stains of blood, and lots of dust. Other then that, the board looked like a chess board, only the squares were five different colors and arranged in a circle other then one big square... Dean picked up the pieces. Two different colored wooden dolls that looked like the one on the front.  One Black and one white. But the colors on the board were blue, green, red, and purple.  Dean then noticed there was one Gold square in the center. There was also a pair of dice.

    Dean sat and stared at this strange new game, He had never seen anything like it.  He turned over and checked inside the box. Sure enough, there was an instruction manual. Dean pulled it out. It was one of those things where one side was in one language, the other side was in a different language. This time it was Chinese and English.  Dean read;

    How To Play;

Each player has one of the Pieces. White Goes First.  Roll the Dice to Begin With. Whatever Number it lands on Will Determin What Color You start out With.  Then Roll again To Begin The FU' T'su Yung code.

    Dean sat back reading the instructions. It was hard the farther down he got because the paper had also been smeared in blood.  Mostly, It was too hard to understand.  Getting to his feet, Dean smoothed his dark brown hair. He had best be going. But as Dean turned to leave, a whisper sounded,so sharp it hurt his ears and rattled hit teeth.


   He turned around at glanced about the room. No one was in there.  Not even a mouse.

    "Hello?" He called.

   "Dean! You cannot leave me!"  The voice hissed. Dean glanced down at the board game. His head went cold and clammy. 

   "Yes I can." He said. "I have to go to school."

   "No, please Dean, you musn't. I have been so lonely all these years. Please play me."

    "Play you?"

    "yes, Dean. I am such a fun game. Please play me. Just once. Then you can go to school."

     "No..I'm late already." Dean turned to run out of the room.   A game was talking to him!!  But as he reached the door. There was suddenly a large doll from the piece set blocking the way. Dean screamed and fell onto an old moth eating sofa. A dusty coffe' table slid over in front of him and the game board jumped onto it. The pieces all ready to be moved.  

     "Please leave me alone. Whoever you are!" Dean cried.

     "Dean, this is your father."

     "...My father?"  Dean gasped. His father had been missing for eight years.

     "Yes. Do me a favor and play, just this once."

     "You lie,"  Dean growled. The game was quiet. 

    "This is the government. We are using satalites to make our voices come from this game."

     "I don't trust you."

     "This is just your imagination.  You're hearing things."

     "No, I'm not."

     "....if I tell you the truth, will you play me?"  The game begged The dice bounced up and down.  Dean hesitated.


     " say, yes."

     "Yes." Dean sighed. The game board vibrated.

     " I am Kang Lin. The young master of Ancient China. I was the master at Fu' T'su Yung. No one on could beat me. This game was my life. And eventually, I must say, the game overtook my life. I forgot about being the ruler for my people, I forgot about my wife, and about my family. "   The game paused. "Then once day an old magician came along and chalanged me. He said that if I won, I could have power past my wildest dreams. But if I lost. I would loose my family. Like A fool, I accepted. Thinking that I could win.  But alas,"  There was a moment of silence that Dean could not bear.

    "And then?"  He pressured. The game's dice bounced again.

    "I lost as if I had never known the rules of the game...And in fear of my family's lives, I Killed the magician."

    "You killed him!?"  Dean cried.

   "Yes. His blood was spilled all over the game board. And As punnishment, I was locked inside this game.  Please, now, will you play against me. I miss this game oh, so much."

    "I don't know." Dean glanced down at his watch.  "School has allready started."

    "please! This is so much more important."  The game sobbed. Dean sighed.

    "Okay one little game." Dean agreed.

   It was over within four minuits. Dean played as normal with Kang Lin walking him through it.  Kang Lin was the winner before Dean even could figure out the rules.

    "Oh, Thank you, Dean! Thank you!"  The game shook with pleasure.

    "Okay, I played, now I need to get to school. "

    "Forgive me, Dean, but I'm afraid you can't go back to school."

   "Why not?"

     "Because Game Boards don't have to go to school."

    "What are you-"  But before Dean could finish his sentence, there was a moment of dizzyness. And He was inside the Game set.  Standing where he had been, was a young Chinese boy only a little older then him. Kang Lin grinned.

     'Thank you for freeing me Dean,"  He laughed. "But Now you must stay in the game until you can defeat someone. Don't worry, You'll have plenty of time to read the instructuions wile you're in there. "

       "Hey!" Dean cried. "This isn't cool! You can't do this! Let me go! Let me out or I'll call the cops! I'll kill you! I'll-" 

    Kang Lin laughed, then picked up the screaming Game board, folded it, and slipped it back into the box.


The End

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