The berries watched in amazement as the bigger fruits inspected the fridge roof

"What are they even doing up there?" Stella Strawberry asked

"Finding the source of that banging noise I guess" replied Gabby Gooseberry "Oh look. They're coming down now"

Before their very eyes, Barry Banana tripped pushing his close friend Anthony Apple over the edge. The berries screamed as the brave fruit plumeted to his possible doom.

"What do we do?" they all asked each other hoping for an answer. It would have to take a miracle to save Anthony now.

"I can't watch!" Kelly Kiwi cried looking away. The other fruits copied using their new fingers to hide their eyes.

Walter was first to open his eyes. He stared down at the floor but was amazed just to see Patrick still sat there. No mess, no mush, no Anthony

"Did you see anything Patrick?" Walter roared as everyone began opening their eyes. The Pineapple shook his head then groaned in pain. Anthony was nowhere to be seen. 

"What happened?" everyone screamed shocked by the quick scene that played before their eyes. One minute Anthony was falling, the next he was gone. Nobody had seen where he went and nobody could think of a place where we could have gone to.

Still shocked from the events of the day, the fruits crawled back into the fruit bowl and watched as the moon rose and beamed down on them. It illuminated the three gravestones that had been erected. One for each fruit which had met one peril or another

"Ahh!" Barry groaned waking from his deep sleep. Other fruits began awaking and complaining of the noise

"What is it now Barry?" Mandy Mango asked, rubbing her tired eyes

"Something hit me" the banana picked up the weapon and observed it "Its a paper aeroplane...with writing inside"

Barry unfolded it as the berries gasped in excitement. Barry then cleared his throat and read to his fellow fruits:

"We have your leader kept captive. If you ever want to see him again then meet up the stairs tomorrow at sunrise. Failure to arrive may also result in another blueberry accident."

"That's horrible!" Kelly cried hugging nearby berries "What do we do?"

Everyone stared at Barry hoping for reassurance and an answer but all he did was lower his head in sorrow

"I-I don't know"

The End

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