Colin Couliflower grabbed hold of Tina Turnips hand and scrambled atop the growing tower.

"Next up is Betty Beetroot" Boris called as the red vegetable climbed aboard Colin's curly head. The tower was high and stable using the long vegetables like Claudia, Corey and Penelope Parsnip to keep the tower from falling.

"Shhh....what's that!" Boris roared silencing all the vegetables even Petricia who was close to breaking her sides. It was a good job the witch couldn't carve her and make her hollow.

"Come on, up here" somebody shouted from outside the fridge. The foods inside waited in perfect silence whilst afraid of being discovered

"Keep building...we'll show those intruders" Boris whispered as more and more vegetables climbed the tower. They went in weight order making it look like a stretched triangle. The peak of the tower was Carl Carrot holding peas and beans to throw at any intruders

Outside however Anthony Apple was helping Kelly Kiwi up to the top of the fridge.

"Thankyou" Kelly sighed in an angelic voice sending the green apple an embarresing shade of red. The apple was smitten and Barry Banana could tell

"She's so fit" the banana whispered to his closest fruit friend. The friend disagreed and went even redder when Kelly looked his way and frowned as though she had heard the conversation

"You idiot! You know I like her" Anthony scowled gently pushing his yellow friend. The push was just enough the send Barry backwards and flat on his face

"Look...a hole in the fridge roof!" The fruity five crowded round the large hole and stared down it. They stared down to the vegetable cooler where no vegetables resided. The vegetables have moved their tower to the other side of the fridge where they hid in fear of being discovered

"This mystery is getting interesting" Kelly Kiwi noted standing up and rubbing her hairy chin "lets go back to the murder scene"

As the fruits departed one cheeky pea crawled onto the fridge roof and pushed Barry Banana. But the Banana was not his target. Instead the pushed Banana sent the Apple flying over the edge

Before Barry could do anything the pea had retreated and his friend had plummeted towards the injured Pineapple

The End

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