"PUSH!" Boris cried to all his vegetable warriors. The many healthy foods rammed at the cooler roof with all their might. "HARDER!"

They all gasped in unison as the roof splintered before breaking up into tiny shards of plastic. They could clearly see the roof of the fridge. But more importantly the fact it was vibrating.

"Any minute now" Corey Courgette sighed clutching to the smooth hand of Claudia Cucumber.

The vegetables sheltered themselves as a storm of peas and plastic crashed down on them.

"Well done peas" Boris announced as he flicked soon of the workers out of his afro "you did well at sneaking out through that crack and breaking down the roof! My plan is working perfectly"

"Not to mention our little rendezvouz" one of the peas named penny giggled

"What Rendezvouz!" hissed Boris his eyes flaring angrily. Penny nervously gulped and nudged her brother Perry who was also sat in the pea pod

"Well, what happened was...."


With a heavy cloud of woe looming above their heads the Banana and Apple returned trying to think of what way Oscar was going to finish that question.

BANG! The two fruits snapped out of their sulk and looked around for the source of the noise. They listened carefully but only heard muttering from somewhere

"Should we investigate?" Barry asked

"Not without us you don't" the Apple and Banana watched as Kelly Kiwi, Paul Plum and Walter Watermelon slid down the broom to join them on the floor.

"Okay then" Anthony said clapping his hands together eagerly "We've got ourselves a mystery to solve"

The End

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