"My back!" Patrick cried. He was stranded on his back whilst he madly kicked and scratched the air.

"We better go down and help him" Barry suggested walking towards the witches broom which was leant against the counter

"And discover who killed Beulla" the cherries cried simultaneously as Oscar and Anthony slid down to the broom head. Once on the floor they help Patrick up but he was too badly hurt to move. His spiky shell had been severly bruised. He just sat on the floor as the community watched from high above.  

"Come on" Anthony bravely cried beckoning his fruit friends to follow him out of the kitchen and into the unknown. Despite their mortal terror the Banana and Orange agreed 

"Be careful" Patrick groaned clutchuing his bruised shell.

The fruity threesome found themselves in the front room. It was filthy. Every corner was cluttered with cobwebs and every space was sprinkled with spiders. But still they ventured on into the dusty land

"I feel scared" Oscar moaned "Like something bad is going to happen"

"Don't be silly" somebody roared spooking the fruits. They looked around frantically but could not see anyone. Somebody was watching them...but from where.

"Up there" Barry screamed, pointing his yellow hand up to a china set above the fire. Amazingly each dish had a set of bright eyes staring down with curiosity and joy.

"Hello!" the largest plate cried waving his porcelian hands. Just like the fruits these inanimate objects had grown eyes, ears, mouths, noses, hands, feet, thoughts and feelings.

"Hello" Anthony replied "We're solving a mystery. Do you have any idea who could have killed our friend"

"I'm afraid not...I only recently got peepers"

Oscar snapped his fingers at his own brilliant idea.

"I've got it. We're not the only objects to become like people. So therefore the only possible murderer is-"

The dusty curtains fluttered as a black cat pounced from its hiding place. In a flurry of hissing and scratching the cat had pounced on Oscar and began playing with him like a ball of yawn.

The only person who knew the murderer was carried away by a cat. They mystery remained unsolved.

The End

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