Anthony Apple was first out of the fruit bowl. He was amazed by what he saw. It was a whole new world outside the fruit bowl. Barry Banana and Kelly Kiwi soon followed.

They gasped as the witch began cursing before vanishing in a lilac cloud of smoke. The fruits began running along the kitchen counter using their new legs. They dived in the sink for a swim and used the knife as a seesaw. Life as a fruit sure was fun

There were twin cheeries called Charlie and Cheryl who were happily running around when their day was ruined. 

"ARGH!" Cheryl screamed causing the heads of all the fruits to turn towards the traumatised treats. Before them was a big blue mess filled with juice and seeds. There had been a murder! Someone had squashed Buella Blueberry

"Who could have done this?" cried Graham Grapefruit stroking his chin in deep thought. Blanca Blueberry was only young and most of her siblings had been squashed by the witch.

"We have a murderer on the loose!" screamed Stella Strawberry. The smaller berries (who in fact we're not berries according to Stephan Fry) began running around with juicy tears streaming down their faces

"I'm going to get to the bottom of this!" announced Barry Banana. Anthony Apple, Patrick Pineapple and Oscar Orange nodded in agreement. The four brave fruits turned back to the fruit bowl when Patrick suddenly slipped and feel over the side of the kitchen counter.

"Oh my gosh!" his friends cried as the pineapple tried to hold on for dear life "there was a wet surface...someone must have splashed the water onto it"

Anthony tried to pick him up but his hand were too prickly to hold. Nobody could help the stranded fruit

"What do we do?" Kelly Kiwi cried sounding midway to a hysterical panic attack. The tearful fruits watched helplessly as the pineapple dropped dozens of inches to the floor. 


The End

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