"Let me out! Let me out!"

Boris Broccoli smashed at the door of the vegetable cooler but it would not move. Not even the slightest. He'd wished every night to be able to push open the door and even after being blessed with arms he still could not escape his frosty prison

"Listen" gasped Carl Carrot. All the vegetables listened in silence to screams and giggles coming from across the kitchen. Whilst the more healthy vegetables sat in a small prison the better tasting fruits enjoyed their freedom

"FRUITS!" Boris grumbled. He smashed on one of the cooler walls and was shocked the get a reply.

"The other vegetables!" Sylvia sprout gasped clapping her hands together in joy

"Petricia...can you hear me?" Boris yelled to the other vegetable cooler. Both the coolers sat at the bottom of the fridge in the darkness.

"Yes!" replied the pumpkin "Is that Boris? Or is it Cecil?"

"No, I'm right here" Cecil Celery announced. It was apparent there were a lot of vegetables in this prison. Petricia took up a lot of space which meant some of the veggies were terribly cramped. Such as Claudia Cucumber who could not even speek because of Bettie Beetroot sat on her.  

"Listen up everyone!" Boris roared "I have a plan"   

The End

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