Fruit Friends

The story of the fruit friends who try to battle against the evil veggie villians
Many thanks to an anonymous writer for the idea

Once upon a time in an old house in the woods lived a witch by the name of Bathsheeba. Bathsheeba was very clumsy and found herself tripping over things and causing things to go wrong all the time. This was why she lived alone in the woods.

One day she decided to practice her magic. She was not only clumsy but she also struggled with simple spells. Her clumsiness got her expelled from her magic school when she almost set fire to the headmaster

"Higgidly Jaggeldy Foo!" she cried waving her wand madly. Nothing happened

"Higgidly Jaggeldy Foo Cazoo!" a bright light erupted from the end of her wand. She gasped in amazement as sparks flew around her kitchen. Along the shelves, in the pots, up the chimney and out the door. She had caused a spell. 

Whizz. Pop. Bang.  Bathsheeba screamed and looked around frantically. What was that noise? Her spell had finished but its charms remained. What had she done? She checked her spellbook and discovered she'd cast a personification spell

"Oh no!" the clumsy witch cried as her fruitbowl began shaking and glowing a bright gold.

Whizz. Pop. Bang. Before her eyes all her fruits began climbing out of the bowl and running along the kitchen cabinet. They had grown arms, legs, eyes and mouths. They were as alive as you and me

"Oh bother" Bathsheeba moaned "Oh Fazzybang Wizzyboom Flizzy Kang Bang Zoo"

In a puff of smoke the clumsy witch dissapeared before the nearly created eyes of the fruit. She had accidentely caused a dissapearing spell on herself leaving her magical fruit to roam her house in peace and joy

But not everyone was happy in the household.  

The End

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