Chapter 7- Guests

7- Guests

It was Tuesday. I waited in exhilaration at the door, ready to see everyone’s faces again.

What is wrong with you? I asked myself. It has only been four days, get a grip!

My mind was right, but I really was pleased that everyone was coming home. I had grown to being surrounded by family. Being alone made me lose my confidence.

Edward was by my side, rubbing my shoulder, feeling my excitement. He didn’t look extremely happy, there was something... something about the surprise. I could tell.

We waited there for a few more minutes and then there was a twitch at the door. The first face I saw was Carlisle, then Esme, Alice and Jasper followed with Rosalie, Emmett and Renesmee. But there were a few more new faces. I thought I had met most of the vampires.

I grinned at my family, not looking at the strangers, frightened of what they thought of me.

“Welcome home” Edward smiled

Carlisle stepped towards me, to introduce the strangers.

“Bella, Edward. This is Mike, Debbie, Joe, Charlie and Olivia.” He said, pointing at the vampires.

The one on the far right looked odd for a vampire- his head was slightly bald, but apart from that he looked normal. Beside him was a short woman with blonde hair down to her chin, she was curvy but very pretty. She had big eyes and a little nose. Next to her was a boy with dark blonde hair, quite normal for a vampire. Beside him was a tall, bulky lad with short brown hair. He looked a bit like Emmett, but slightly younger. And next to him was a medium- height girl with brown hair with wide eyes and full lips. She smiled at me, along with the rest of her family.

“Hello” The short woman said, a British accent.


“I am Mike” Her husband said in a low voice. Even his voice was beautiful, as gruff as it was.

“I’m Debbie” The short woman continued

“Joe” said the boy next to her, his eyes open in curiosity.

“I am Charlie” the bulky boy grinned, he reminded me of Emmett.

“I’m Olivia” the girl sweetly smiled.

“This is the Burn family,” Esme said politely “They only eat animals, like us. They are from England.” She smiled at me. Everyone’s eyes were on mine, waiting for my answer.

“Hi. I'm Bella.” I smiled at everyone

“Edward” he smiled at the strangers one by one. Our family walked into the main room, the Burn family followed with friendly eyes. Olivia smiled at me again. She seemed nice. Alice was behind me

“I’ve missed you so much!” She pulled me into her arms, giving me a friendly hug.

“I have missed you so much too” I smiled at her, and we walked into the main room.

Carlisle looked at Edward, a silent conversation

“No. I guess there is no time like the present” He sighed looking at me. I looked at him with wary eyes, was he going to tell me the surprise

“Would you care to tell me what’s going on?” I breathed

“Yes. Here goes” He sighed again. I looked around the room. Rosalie, Emmett, Renesmee and Carlisle and Esme were on the floor, looking at me.

“Don’t kill me, promise?” Edward asked, worried now

“I promise” I smiled, still anxious

“We’re holding... a ....”

“Go on!” I urged him, grasping his hand

“We’re holding... an anniversary party. Soon.”

I was silent for a few moments, thinking for words. Everyone around me seemed to feel anxious until Jasper suddenly made everyone calm again, and we all relaxed.

“Bella?” Alice asked

“Okay. Can you tell me any more details?” I turned to Edward

“All the vampires are coming. That’s why Mike’s family are here early. They have never been to Forks before”

“You are very welcome here” I smiled at the new faces. Charlie and Emmett seemed to be getting along. I kept the party annoyance locked away, we had guests and I didn’t want to be... absurd.

“Thankyou” The male called Joe said, “I guess you would like to know some more about us”

“That would be nice”

“Well, our family is quite large like yours,” he pointed to us all “and we all came together like yours. It was the seventeenth century in Canterbury, and Mike and Debbie was a happy married couple who had just come back from their honeymoon. They were walking that night down a dark alleyway, there were no lights on, and their only guide was the moon above them...

“Anyway, without them knowing there were three thirsty vampires waiting in the shadows, looking down on them. One of them was a newborn- he was reckless, stupid. He lunged out to the couple immediately, but the elder of the three, Melina, stopped him, and let’s put this politely, ended his existence. Quietly. But the couple were still approaching, and the other female caught the scent of Mike and her eyes widened with filthy greed. She got to the two and crushed them to the ground, biting their wrists...

“Melina approached the female quickly and ripped her off the innocent humans. She looked at them with sad eyes ‘I think you two have good potential. I am terribly sorry’ she sighed as she walked away from the two screaming humans who were in pain”

Mike took over the story “We awoke three days later, hungry and extremely dangerous. We started to go off the rails, until Joe found us. He stopped us, and took us to a city quite far away. He had been a vampire for a century now, and wanted to help us.

“So, after a while we were as controlled as he was. He guided us through life and we carried on.

“One day Joe was out, and he saw a boy who had been stabbed, and was dying. He ran over to the large-muscled male and he was then one of us. He joined our family, and with ease became a ‘vegetarian’ like us.

“Charlie did it this time, a few years later. He discovered Olivia by a river, she was drowning. He threw her out and as she was dying, he made her one of us.” Mike smiled, and paused, waiting for questions.

“Do any of you have extra powers?” I asked

“Yes, most of us do. Accept Debbie and I.” Mike finished, looking at the girl with the pretty hair and mesmerizing eyes.

“Joe, Charlie and I have extra abilities. Joe has the ability of telekinesis, the power to move things with the mind, Charlie can move through walls and stuff and I can time travel” She grinned at the end, smug.

“Interesting,” Edward said, looking in amazement. “How come we haven’t met you before?”

“Ah. There aren’t many people like us in England. We move around often. But our main home is still in Canterbury. When we found out about your family, when Alice and Jasper came to visit, we were happy to come and meet all of you. We all think your home is wonderful” she smiled in a soft voice. It complimented her accent well.

“Thank you.” Edward smiled, tightening me closer to him. The new family smiled at all of us. Our family slowly exited the main room and went to do other things. Emmett and Charlie hung out outside doing arm wrestles, while Rosalie watched, looking extremely bored. Joe, Mike and Debbie walked around the house with Carlisle and Esme, while Olivia sat with Alice and Jasper, talking happily. Renesmee sat with Edward and I, still in the main room.

Emmett suddenly burst in, grinning widely still with enthusiasm.

“Hey, guys. Tonight, we are playing ball”

“Sounds good” I grinned at him as he went into the other rooms to spread the news.

The day passed smoothly, everyone seemed to get along with the visitors. Especially Alice and Olivia. They stayed together for the whole day.

It was then dark, and we all started to approach the meadow to play. We hadn’t played for a long time- since James and his followers arrived. I shivered at the memories and ran from it instantly.

We were up in the field, and the pack was there too, in human form. Jacob’s eyes were on Renesmee instantly as we approached them. He swung her into his arms and held her close.

“Let’s play!” Alice cheered.

We all walked to where we were about to play, but suddenly, something caught Joe’s attention, his eyes were fastened like steel to Renesmee’s face, a smile approached his mouth but then faded as he then threw a stern look at Jacob as he turned away. What was up with that?

I ignored this reaction and ran over to the playing field. As the game started I focused on Joe, he wasn’t going to touch my little girl, or my best friend. Was this Joe dangerous? No, he couldn’t be. But he seemed... different.

The game continued and Joe looked alright now. It was my turn to bat, as the ball approached I took a large swing and smacked the ball, it flying in the air into the forest.

I ran with excellent speed, while Emmett rushed off into the wood. I heard Edward chuckle at his frantic expression. I continued to run until I reached the end.

 Home run.

 Edward screamed with joy and I ran over to him and jumped into him. I was watching Renesmee with keen eyes as she helped out. But I could tell she was getting tired, her pace slowed by the second.

“Jacob” I shouted


“Can you take Renesmee back? It’s her bedtime”

“No problem. In fact, she can sleep in my arms. This game is interesting” He grinned. I picked her up.

“Go to sleep with Jacob please”

“Okay Momma” She smiled sweetly, her chocolate eyes burning a hole in my brain. I passed her onto Jacob and he cradled her. I turned back to the game; Joe was standing with his hands tight at his side, his eyes wide with fury, looking straight at Jacob. He was frozen on the spot and I walked up to him.

“Is there something wrong, Joe?” I asked politely. Polite was the best way to start.

“She is so... beautiful” He sighed as his face loosened, and he smiled at her.

“Please don’t. Jacob imprinted on her”

“Like that changes anything! She’s... amazing”

“She is half human!” I said, getting anxious

“And he is a werewolf! I'm sorry, but I just cant... forget her!” He screeched at the end, taking a step forward. I blocked his way.

“Joe. Not tonight. Go and play.” I said sharply. He wasn’t going to touch them. Not tonight.

Joe huffed and walked away, his posture relaxing. Edward walked over to me, his eyes careful.

“What did he think?” I asked him, my tone still sharp. I tried to control it, but I needed to calm down.

“He wants her. Not to... not to kill, but to protect... and in the future, to love.” He sighed at the word.

“He’s not going to give up easily, is he?”

Edward shook his head. I grimaced and looked up at him.

“The future?”

“Alice saw... a fight. Only you have the power to stop it.” He put his hand under my chin and pulled it up, to read my expression.

“Great.” I said sarcastically

“Don’t worry, love. You can do it” He smiled and I tried to smile, but it didn’t touch my eyes.

“Alice” I called over as Edward went to bat. She skipped over happily

“Are you okay?” She asked, worried

“Yes. What have you been seeing recently?” I asked, my tone strong

“Well, I saw the fight not so long ago. And me and Olivia good friends, along with you. I haven’t really seen much else. But don’t worry about it, Bella. Everything is under control. You will see. Do you honestly think that those rivals will hurt each other badly? No, because it would hurt Renesmee.” She smiled, trying to encourage me again but I wasn’t certain it was the truth.

“Okay, Alice. But if anything is coming, anything changes, you have to tell me. I have to keep my mind open now.”

“I will” She promised as she skipped away. I was alone, so I sat down on the hard ground beneath my feet, scrunching into a ball. I breathed in and exhaled slowly as I lay flat on my back, looking into the sky above.

The night tonight was beautiful, more satisfying than usual. The sky had a hint of purple in it, and it had a light blanket of stars. The stars were like diamonds in the sky, they were all connected to each other in some slight way. The moon was a crescent, the sun far away now. I looked further into the sky- I didn’t know if it was real or an illusion but I could see Venus, it was almost as bright as the moon tonight. Named after the goddess of love- the perfect planet. I started to wonder about if we could survive on the other planets (we being immortals), trying to keep the other things off my mind.

But suddenly, my mind went back to the voice in the nightmare. But now, suddenly the voice was familiar. I had heard it once.

Alice was next to me at that moment, pulling me up from the floor.

“Bella, have you spoken to Olivia yet?”

“I haven’t, unfortunately.”

“They have gone for the night, but tomorrow, you will talk to her. She is very nice, and with her ability and mine together... well there is no end to the possibilities” Her face lit up at her last sentence. I'm sure Olivia was nice, but how could she just intrude into my family and take them all away? I glared into the distance, trying to control the anger

“Bella? Oh Bella, don’t worry. There’s no need to be jealous” She placed her hand on my shoulder.

“Jealous?” I glowered at the word. That indecisive, puny word... but it was true. But I didn’t want to show it, not now. My face lost the battle, and I smiled at her, letting it go.

“Let’s go home” She smiled, she knew I needed to get away from this surrounding, to calm down.

“Where’s Edward?” I suddenly realised he was nowhere to be seen “And Emmett? And Jasper?” I asked, anxious by the end

“Bella, relax! They have gone with the Burn family, that’s all. Calm down. It’s ok.” Her voice was smooth and calming. I bet she wished Jasper was here right now, to help her.

“Will they be back?”

“Not until the morning.”

“Well, ok then.” I sighed, why didn’t Edward say goodbye to me? Even grasp my hand, to let me remember his touch.

Alice and I ran back to the house in unison, she skipped along like a pixie and I tried to copy her. My interpretation was similar and Alice laughed at it.

For once, the way home felt very slow. Like the whole procedure was in slow motion. It was early morning now; the scene around me was frozen in time- silent. Motionless. Impossible to break until the sun reached the sky again.

We kept running as fast as usual, but without Edward it felt like a century had gone by as we were at the house. I sighed as we walked into the house. It was only us and Carlisle and Esme, and they were out still. The lights were off, but the most powerful thing was the scent. I could smell everyone. And it felt comforting but like all comfort foods, you felt low afterwards. I felt empty and hollow. The only thing keeping me out of despair was Alice with her wide innocent eyes, her perfect smile.

I crept out of my trance with a deep breath. Alice was staring into the space on the bed, in a different world. I waited for a while, desperate to see her reaction when she left the glimpses and faced me. So I waited for several seconds, and then she left them with a smile on her face. Before I  could ask she answered my question.

“Nothing happened. I just saw you stopping the fight tomorrow.” Oh yeah, she had to bring that up again, she had to bring back the worries, sweeping me into despair again. I grimaced without a doubt.

“I thought Edward was never going to leave me” I said, my voice sad and lonely, my sun swept away by a monster cloud.

“Well, technically he hasn’t left you, Bella. He isn’t far, and I am here anyway, so... oh, and by the way, you will need to be in the woods at nine in the morning. And the future says I am coming with you” She grinned at me and I couldn’t break her spell, grinning back.

“What am I going to say? I don’t even know...”

“I can’t help you with that; you will have to so that bit yourself. I know you can do it Bella, you just have to think it through”

“Keep your mind wide open” I muttered, the image of the white bird on my arm fluttering through my head.

“Exactly. Oh, and Renee is waiting for an email”

“Oh shoot!” I leaped up and sat on the chair in front of the computer.



Would it be possible for you to take some pictures of you and your family? It would be nice to add them to the old ones, see the change.

Mom xx


I looked carefully at how she had put ‘the change’ she would be frightened by the change in me, the change in my life. The similarity between me and my family... I shuddered at her face if she saw the pictures.

“Bella. It’s okay. You will take the pictures. She will be fine. If she questions you, you will say it was the fancy effects on the camera. Got it?”

“Yes” I whispered. She hugged me close. When she pulled away, her hand on my shoulder, watching me, I typed:





I will take some pictures, of course. It is good to know you are well.

I love you x


I smiled as I finished, pushing that worry to the side. But tonight I had a lot to prepare for- in these short hours. Because I didn’t have a clue what to do tomorrow.

Alice and I sat perched on the bed for those hours, only speaking one sentences at a time. She concentrated on the future as I prepared myself, thinking through the conversation.

“Bella?” Alice asked, after a long silence of an hour

“Yes, Alice?”

“As many times as I have said this, don’t worry. Even if it goes wrong, not that it will, but if it does, we have Olivia. It would be interesting to see what she can do” I groaned in my head

Why is she involved? I don’t even know her and she is friends with my sister, helping out with our life. It is just one small party... Oh crap, why did I think of that?  

I now thought of that worry, a worry that shouldn’t be a worry. But from my past experiences, at every party something goes wrong. Even when I was eight at a party, I got my outfit torn. As small as that is by nearly being killed by a vampire. I laughed at myself, laughing off the pain.

The day had suddenly arrived. Not thinking of the bad part, I focused on the aim: I would see Edward today. And I would learn about this Olivia girl, and the rest of her family. I was so cruel; they were probably nice, innocent vampires. They were innocent as much as possible, drinking animal blood like us...

I rose from the bed; Alice was sitting on the gold carpet on the floor, smiling encouragingly.

“The time?” I asked, raising one eyebrow.

“The time is now. It is time to go.” She stood up, held my hand and we ran out of the house and along to the woods.

The End

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