Chapter 5- Alone


I stood there for a long time, still looking at the empty space where he had been not so long ago. The rain started to patter down, swimming down my cheek, but I didn’t care. It continued and I decided to finally go inside.

I turned on the TV- it was so long since I had watched anything because I didn’t really want to. There were so many people to be with, but now I was alone I had nothing better to do. I flicked through the channels, trying to find something interesting. I finally settled for the news, nothing major was really happening in the world. The adverts came on as the weather part started. The blonde, pretty weather lady was standing next to the map. It showed snow for the next few days. Great, that’s exactly what I needed. In case I couldn’t drive my car I got out of the house whilst the freedom lasted.

I ran up to the car and put the key into the ignition. I turned around and without looking back, pulled away from the house. I didn’t know where I was going, I just needed something to do, something to make the time pass. The nights were easier; I could learn some languages or read. But daytime was harder for me, even though you could do more things in the daylight.

I drove past the long green trees and I continued to drive, having no intention of going anywhere specifically. I ended up in front of Charlie’s house. It hadn’t changed since I had last been here, which was so long ago. The car purred to a halt and I got out. I rang the doorbell and Sue answered it.

“Well hello Bella! We weren’t expecting you, it’s been so long! Charlie’s in the main room” She gestured me inside. I stepped in.

“Thanks, Sue. How’s he been?” I was still shocked by her change to vampires. On my wedding day she was so cautious... and Charlie didn’t even know about my kind.

“Oh, very well. He’s missed you an awful lot though. Where’s your husband today?” She had also grown to Edward, to my surprise.

“Oh, Edward? He’s gone away with the whole family for a few days, they couldn’t tell me why. It’s a surprise” I grimaced at the word. I hate surprises, especially that one birthday, I still remember Jasper trying to have a snap at me... I shuddered away from those painful memories. Who cared about them now? It was so long ago.

I walked into the main room. Charlie was laying down in a relaxed position, his eyes on the television.


“Bella!” He cried “What a surprise”

Great. The word again.

“I’ve missed you.”

“Well, I have missed you an awful lot too! How have you been?” He said, sitting upright.

“Great. Edward and the family have gone out for a few days, something they can’t tell me, so I thought I would pop by. It’s been so long...”

“It really has. How was the holiday?”

“It was great.”

I ended up repeating things that I had said to other people and when he asked me things I tried to be interested. I stayed at Charlie’s up until six; I stayed there talking for a long time. I also cooked for him, it had been so long and Sue needed a rest. I said I needed to get back and that I would come and visit on Sunday.

I walked out the house swiftly. I got home within a few minutes as I was driving pretty fast.  When I got in I decided to check my emails on the laptop. There were lots from Renee:



I hope you are having a good time. Phil and I are having a nice time up in Jacksonville. You must come visit soon; it’s been so long since I have seen you. How is Edward? How is the family?

Mom xx



It has been a week now, why haven’t you replied? Where are you? Are you in trouble? Please don’t get me worried.

I hope you are safe x



Please reply, I am worried now. I haven’t heard from you in ages.

Mom xx


The last one was sent yesterday. I knew I should of checked as soon as I got home.


Mom, don’t worry. Everything is fine. I have been on holiday with Edward for a while, that’s why I haven’t replied. It sounds like you’re having fun. I went to see Charlie today, he and Sue are very happy. Oh, and by the way, your cream sun hat will be at the bottom of your cupboard

I love you x


I didn’t bother telling her about me being alone, because I wasn’t really. Jacob was still here. And maybe I could drop into his house; not that I knew he would be there. Since Renesmee was born the treaty had been erased as Jacob imprinted on her. But he was out there. Somewhere. Maybe all this alone time would be a good thing, I needed it every once in a while. I stared up at the clock- 7 pm.



That’s when I decided to get out a book. I walked upstairs and went up to Edward’s old room; we still kept some of our stuff in there. The big double bed with the roses was still there, the sofa and the long shelf. There was a note on the sofa.


Take care of yourself. I cant help but worry about you. I will be home soon, I know you are lonely at this moment and I am very sorry. You will find something to do... just don't go jumping off cliffs.

I love you x

 I stared at his perfect handwriting, tracing the letters with my fingers. I wouldn’t ever do that again. The stupid idiot I was. I sat down on the long sofa, still looking at the letters written on the page. They won’t be gone for too long, a few more days and they would be home. Right? He promised. I stood up, walking over to the bookshelf where the book I have been reading stood.

But suddenly, I didn’t feel like reading, I felt like just sitting here, doing nothing to pass the time. I curled into a ball on the floor and sat there rocking back and forth, humming Edward’s lullaby.

Time did pass quickly, and when I got up it was morning. I looked outside, and everything was white. Of course I should have remembered that it was going to snow. I walked down the stairs, going nowhere in particular. I stopped at the bathroom to sort my face out, I looked a wreck. I sat there for a long moment; there was nothing else to do. But then I realised there was, so I got out a jumper and I dashed out of the house.

I ran as fast as I could, up to the woods. I felt like going for a walk. I slowed down, looking at the beautiful scene around me. The trees looked frozen, dead-like and icy; the grass was covered in a thick blanket of snow. It was hard to see where I was going, everything was white. Even the sky was white. The wind flew into my face, the feather-like snow falling from the sky above me. I kept walking across the large field until I got under a tree, where I sat down. I continued to look around me. Across the field, there was a deer with its child. I flinched and looked away, looking at them just made me miss everyone even more.

Time passed once more and I decided to go back to the house. I opened the front door and he made me jump. I was hoping it was Edward, but it was Mike. Mike? Why was he here? I hadn’t seen him for so long, and he shouldn’t see me at all.

“Mike? What are you doing here?” I asked, shocked.

I was completely surprised he wasn’t screaming right now, looking at my white skin, looking into my bright crimson eyes... how much I had changed. But he looked exactly the same. And he didn’t look scared at all

 “Bella! I haven’t seen you for so long. It’s been... forever.” He looked exuberant.

“Err... yeah, it has Wow, I didn’t expect to see you. How is life?”

Mike was so unobservant. It shouldn’t surprise me he didn’t say anything.

“It’s alright. College is good. Jessica and I are roommates, but our relationship is on-off,” He chuckled. I should have seen that coming. But I didn’t want to be pulled back into that world again. But I could see Mike today; there was nothing else to do. And nobody was coming home yet, so he wouldn’t run off screaming when he saw my daughter, because he never would. “How about you?”

“Life is... very good.”

“Married, eh?” He kept a brave face, but I could see disappointment looming in his eyes.

“Yeah. It’s great.”

“Wow. So young, so young” He muttered. He now wore a sad expression. I remembered his words a while back ‘and girls are cruel’. I knew he always wished we were more than friends, and now he knew we could never be. I had always felt sorry for Mike, but he should of got over it by now. I pretended I didn’t hear that, and went onto a new subject

“So, what made you drop in?”

“Oh, I just wanted to see you. See how you were, you know. I thought we could go and watch a film or something, hang out for a while. If that’s okay” The brave face returned.

“Yeah, that would be good. In fact, Edward and the family have gone out... hiking for a few days and I didn’t want to go with them so I have been a bit bored. I'm glad you dropped in, Mike” I said with a grin.

“Me, too” He said, replying with the same grin. We stood there in silence for a few moments. I was still careful with what I said, wasn’t he a little bit frightened about why my skin was so white, why I was so cold?

“So...” He broke the silence; finally “What do you want to see? There’s a horror movie out called ‘Silent Night’ or a comedy?”

“I could do with a laugh” It was true, and I had heard Silent Night had vampires in it. I didn’t want to give him any ideas.

“That’s settled then”

“Let me just go change. I’ve been outside all morning. Stay here, I will be back in a few. And by the way, I’m driving” I grinned as I ran up the stairs. I changed quickly into a clean pair of jeans and a long sleeved jumper. I quickly tied my hair up and slung my bag over my shoulders.

“Ready?” He asked

“Yup” I said as we walked out of the house. I showed him the way to the cars, and we got in. I started driving right away.

“Wow. Nice car” He grinned

“Thanks. Trust Edward” I chuckled

“You sure drive fast compared to how you used to” He noticed.

“I don’t know what’s got into me these days. You end up driving like Edward after you spend so much time with him”

“Yeah. Shame he’s not here, I would say hi to him” Or more, I thought, shuddering.

“Yeah. Maybe some other time”

There was another long silence

“So where did you go for your honeymoon?” He asked his eyes on me. I continued to look ahead, trying my best to act like a human

“Isle Esme. Carlisle bought it for his wife. It’s beautiful there. We went back a few weeks ago actually”

“Cool. So you’re not going to college?”


“And Edward?”

“He goes where I go, and vice versa”

“Great” He muttered to himself, human ears wouldn’t be able to hear that. We were then at the cinema.

“Drink? Popcorn?” Mike asked politely

“I'm okay thanks. But you can get some, don’t let me stop you” I said enthusiastically.

“You sure?”

“Yup” I said as we queued up.

Not long after, we were in our seats, the movie was playing. It was very funny, I hadn’t seen a film in quite a while and it was good to feel a bit human for once, to get away from the supernatural. It was good I had self-control, if I didn’t I would probably have killed everyone in the room by now. I couldn’t help laughing throughout the whole film, it was hilarious. Mike laughed a lot too; it was fun hanging out with him after all this time. I felt younger, more human.

The lights suddenly came on, the time had whooshed by so fast. We slowly walked out of the cinema

“Wow. You weren’t sick this time” I laughed

“Yeah. That was a pretty good film”

“I laughed so much. Right, let’s get going”

We got into the car. It was 3pm now. I put the key in the ignition and we were driving again.

“Looks like the snow has cleared off” Mike said

“Yeah. I remember when I moved here, that first time it snowed and everyone was having snowball fights.”

“Good times”

“So how is Jessica these days?”

“She’s alright, I guess. Busy hanging around with Lauren” He moaned at her name

“Oh. You really like her?”

“Yeah. But she doesn’t seem interested anymore”

“I’m sure she likes you. But you’re out of school now, there are men in this world” I chuckled, imagining Jessica with all those boys on campus. Mike sighed, looking out of the window

“It’s a shame really, I miss how things were” he said quietly. But I knew he wasn’t talking about Jessica anymore.

We were back home again. The house was empty, like nobody lived in it. Mike sat down at the sofa, flicking through the channels on the television while I looked out of the window, trying to find something to say

“You know Bella, there’s something different about you...” He whispered, curiosity in his deep eyes

“Really? You think so?” I asked, how could I get round this one? If only someone was here, to change the subject... “Oh, Mike! How stupid of me... would you like a drink?”

“Err... let me get one. I will get one for you”

“I'm okay Mike”

“No, I insist!” He said with a grin as he walked to the kitchen.

A few minutes later he was back with two glasses in his hands.

The End

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