Chapter 4- Home

4- Home

We were now on the plane. The way through the airport had run smoothly, our plane was on time and in a few hours I would see everyone. I looked out of the window; it was very cloudy so I couldn’t see where we were.

Two more hours.

One more hour.

45 minutes.

The time was going very slowly. Suddenly, Edward started talking

“How are you feeling?”

“Fine,” I said in a quiet voice “You?”

“I’m alright. As long as I am with you” He said, taking my hand. A hostess strolled up the aisle with the drinks

“Any drinks for you two?” She asked in a high pitched, bubbly voice.

“Bella?” Edward’s topaz eyes were on me.

“Um, no thank you.”

The woman strolled off, going to the next lot of people. Edward still kept my hand in his. With my free hand I pushed my hair back from my face and turned back to him.

“Edward, what is really going on? Should I be worried? Because I really don’t know what is happening still”

“Don’t worry. It is going to happen in a few weeks, and no, you shouldn’t be worried at all, but the complete opposite. I promise I will tell you the day before.”

“Ugh. Okay then.” I sighed, tracing my finger down his marble cheek. He took both hands and put them in his lap.

“Bella, I know you’re worried, and I would hate it if I didn’t know what was happening, but there’s no need to be. It’s going to be good. I swear.” He looked at me with complete honesty. He was being completely serious.

Suddenly, the seatbelt sign dinged, as we were about to land. I sighed in relief; I couldn’t wait to get out of this aeroplane.

We landed a few minutes later; we hurried out and got the suitcase. We walked outside, holding hands and then I saw it. The car. The yellow Porche that Alice desperately wanted for Christmas after we went and saved Edward. What had she done to make Edward reward her? Oh yes, she held me hostage. As soon as she saw us she jumped out, running over to us, hugging me tightly.

“Oh Bella! I have missed you so much! Bella, Oh Bella!”

“It’s ok Alice, I'm here now. I have missed you too. How have you been?”

“Great. Jasper and I went to England for a few days last week... just to see some... friends” She said, obviously hiding something from me. But I let it slip over my head, I would find out some time or another. Her elegant grin made me smile. I hadn’t looked at Edward for about a minute because I hadn’t seen Alice for so long; well at least it felt that way. She was her usual self, her ivory skin, her dark pixie hair and her little frame. She skipped over to the car and ushered us in. Edward and I sat in the back. He seemed to be smiling, but how did he really feel? I felt like asking him, but he probably wouldn’t say with his sister around. He was probably too enticed in her thoughts at this moment in time anyway.

I found myself in a restful pace, as if I was sleeping. I knew I wasn’t, but I suddenly had a flashback of things in the past. I had a flashback of James, then Laurent, then Victoria. The Volturi, basically all the dangers I had encountered and got past so far. But there had to be a time, right? My fairytale couldn’t have a happy ending. Yes, my prince was here, but someone from the fairytale would get hurt if not me, right?

I didn’t even know why I was thinking of such stupid things. I shouldn’t be thinking about the future. Not now anyway. I had my whole family right now and I should make the best of it. My life couldn’t get any better. Right now.

When I got back to my normal state Alice had the radio on. Edward was staring at me anxiously, he was whispering

“Bella? Bella, love? Bella! Alice, why does she look like she’s asleep?” He seemed to be saying over and over again. I could hear Alice giggling in the background. I opened my eyes wider that split second. Edward’s worried expression ceased and he blew a huge sigh, wrapping me in his arms

“Don’t you ever do that to me again!” He said with a strained voice in my ear. As strained as it was, it was still so beautiful .

“I'm sorry,” I whispered “I don’t know what happened. I wasn’t sleeping... I was in some sort of peaceful state. I was having flashbacks, like a dream.”

“That would explain the shuddering”

“Shuddering? I was just having pictures come back of when I was... when I was in danger” My voice was a little louder

“I have never seen a vampire do that before. Were you very calm Bella?”

“ I was very deep in my thoughts, and I was relaxed. They probably triggered it off I suppose” I said, smiling. Edward’s face was relaxed now, he knew I was alright.

“Interesting” He said quietly. So quiet a human’s ears wouldn’t be able to hear anything. He still kept me in his arms. We were silent again, until Alice started chattering

“You were in some sort of ‘state’ for about ten minutes. You had Edward scared to death, I knew you would come around” She said, still laughing.

“You seriously did!”

“I don’t know what happened” I said, looking up at Edward with wide eyes. He kissed me, and Alice started talking again

“So, Bella. Like any of the clothes you got from my favourite shop?”

“Yes. But I don’t see why Edward got me so many things” I said, glaring at him playfully.

“You will see!” She grinned as we went passed the sign for Forks. Of course, it was raining, but I liked it, it was a sense of home. The sky was covered with large grey clouds, there was no sun visible. Everything was green again, it felt so right.

After several minutes we stopped outside the house. Edward and I got out with the suitcase, following Alice as she skipped to the porch.

Carlisle and Esme were standing there with open arms

“Bella! Edward!” Esme cried as she hugged us both. I gave her a huge smile. Before I knew it Rosalie, Emmett and Jasper were also there. Rosalie was as beautiful as always, her golden hair and her perfect face made me feel disgusted. Emmett was as big as ever, a huge wide grin taking over his face as he flexed his muscles. No change there. Jasper was next to Alice, they held a long glance at each other for a long moment.

“It’s great to see you two again” Carlisle said

“It’s great to be home!” I cheered.

“Things have been boring lately,” Emmett snorted “I need my daily dose of danger”

Rosalie glared at him. Alice giggled.

“Renesmee?” I asked

“Jacob” Rosalie huffed.

“Right” Edward said, glaring at her, almost in a way saying ‘Get out of your mood right this instant!’  Rosalie tensed, and walked off upstairs.

Edward and I walked into the main room. Renesmee jumped up.

“Yay! You’re home!” She cried. She had grown since I last saw her. About the size of a five year old now. I held her in my arms, and pressed my cold lips to her warm forehead.

“Oh, it’s so good to see you!” I cried. I put her back on the floor and faced Jacob

“Hey Jake”

“Bells. It’s been long. I’ve missed you” He said, hugging me tight. His fiery touch felt good on my stone hard skin.

“I’ve missed you too. Anything good happening with the pack?”

“Not at all. It’s been so boring! Without you here, we have nothing to do. No offence”

“None taken!”

“So basically, I’ve been spending my time with Renesmee, to Blondie’s delight,” he said sarcastically “How was your holiday then?”

“Great. I got some quality time with Edward,” I turned round to smile at him, but everyone had left the room. Even Renesmee. “That’s odd...” 

Jacob laughed “I thought you were a vampire. Use your senses a bit more”

“Yeah, I seem to forget sometimes that I have super hearing and stuff” I laughed. It was good to finally see Jacob again, and this time it was my Jacob- not the obnoxious one.  It seemed like nothing had gone wrong since I had left, I really did have nothing to worry about.

“I’ve sort of got on Alice’s nerves, but last week she went to England, so I guess her headaches went for a while” He said with a wide grin. I couldn’t help myself but grin back at him.

But this new information made my mind wonder, England? They didn’t usually go there. I slightly felt jealous- I had always wanted to go. But that was stupid; I had just been to Isle Esme for crying out loud.

The next few days went by very fast. The whole family stayed in the house, we played games and did lots of things to entertain Renesmee. Today was Friday; we had been home for five days now.


“Yes?” I asked Edward.

“I know this is really... bad of me, but the others and I need to go away for a few days.”

“Wh-” I started. It was so sudden.

“Don’t ask,” He said, putting one finger to my lips “You will see soon, like I promised. The wolves will be here to protect you, so you won’t be in danger. I wouldn’t do this if I didn’t have to. I’m going to regret-”

“Stop Edward! I will be fine. You won’t be long, and I will be fully protected with the pack around. Don’t worry. I love you, and you love me. Let that get you through this. Okay?”

He nodded “Okay, Bella. I wouldn’t put your life in the hands of... them if I didn’t have to. I’m just overreacting. You will be fine. The wolves will be out in the forest. Alice will be able to see if anything happens too,” He kissed my forehead, and there was a calling from the house. It must be Emmett, to hear his voice from here. “Let’s go!” He tugged me along to the house.

For once, I didn’t like this running. I wanted to walk, to space out time. I was hiding the pain, even starting to hide it from myself- I felt like shouting at him Please don’t go...

But I had to let him go, it was a few days, what could happen? And besides, I could protect myself. I would just miss him so.

 We were there within a few minutes. Everyone was packed up with light bags. Edward had one in his spare hand too. I didn’t know he was leaving this soon. Even Renesmee had her bag ready.

I looked round at everyone- there was Carlisle far left with his arm around Esme, he was smiling sweetly and so was she. Then it was Alice, jumping up and down but at the same time grimacing. Because she was leaving me alone. Jasper had his hand in hers, looking at her with intent eyes and looking at nothing at all. All his focus was on her. Rosalie was next, she was still looking just as glum as usual even though she would spend the next few days with Nessie. Emmett was beside her with a huge grin upon his face, flashing his brilliant teeth in my direction. I couldn’t help but smile back, even though I didn’t want to. Renesmee was lying uncomfortably in Rosalie’s long arms.

“I will miss you Momma” Nessie whispered as she sucked her thumb. Emmett threw her into his arms and started playing with her making her giggle.  Rosalie shot an angry glare at Emmett and went into a sulk.

“I love you,” Edward breathed in my ear as he held me close. “We won’t be long, I promise you with all my heart,” He kissed me for an immeasurable moment “Take care of yourself, love. Try not to run into danger.”

“I will try” I said, looking into his beautiful eyes. I reached up to kiss him again. I breathed in his scent for the last time and then they all started to walk away. Edward kept his gaze on me as they walked, I kept mine on his. There were no words to say right now. This was the only contact we could have. He was probably lost for words too. Before I knew it, they were all gone. And I was alone.

The End

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